The football season is in full swing and for those football fans that know the game, know all the teams in the NFL well and can predict games, you may stand to make quite a bit of money. If you think you know who is going to win a particular game, based on your expertise, […]

The SEC has seen a lot of loss. The loss does not come from the economy or from trading but it comes from internal theft. While there are many other reasons for loss within the commission the internal theft is one of the biggest problems that they see on a regular basis. They want to […]

Taking care of your body and skin is a necessity for a long and healthy life. One part of the body that people often neglect is their lips. In many cases, people do not properly protect their lips, even when they are going to be extended periods of time in the sun or very cold […]

Betsy DeVos provides insight into her thoughts and ideas concerning philanthropy through an interview with Philanthropy Roundtable. The basis of the interview revolves around Mrs. DeVos thoughts and opinions regarding her personal viewpoint on education.   More specifically Mrs. DeVos thoughts on private and public school vouchers, the choice to send children to a specific […]

On March 29 of 2016, Marie Claire magazine had released a very inspiring and jaw dropping new article online….of which the author was Mehera Bonner. It already has over two thousand likes online. The article piece involves Kate Hudson, a co founder of Fabletics. It also involves her commodity in certain pieces of fashion. What […]

There is not a company around that doesn’t make a mistake every now and again. However, when the customers slammed White Shark Media with attacks regarding their business practices, they handled it in a rather unusual way. Instead of trying to downplay the problems with the rather new company, they faced their adversaries head on. […]