Skout – The newest Way To Meet New People

Skout, an iPOd app, has been around for some time, but has recently received more attention and popularity due to the advertising campaign running on the iOS Facebook page. The app is available on the App Store as a free download.

Skout is a social media based app that allows users to meet new people, share pictures and make friends. Users have the option to sign up with Facebook or with their email address. The app then allows users to build a custom profile stating who they are interested in meeting, which lets the app customize your matches and show only the type of person you want to see.

The Skout home screen is just a grid view of people who are online at that moment. Clicking on a picture pulls up the other users profile, showing their basic information, most recent posts and number of points they have available.

In the left corner of the app is a drawer. Opening the drawer opens up other ways to use the app. From this screen a user can select “Buzz” which will show local places and people, “Look At Me” which is a game in which users can bid using their points for a featured spot and more visibility, or “Shake To Chat” which will start a chat with a random and anonymous person.

Many of the available actions on Skout cost points, the ways to earn points are by buying them as an in-app purchase, or by engaging with advertisers. Points can also be earned by convincing other users to use their points to pay for “backstage photos“.

Complaints about the app include the points system and how many things require points to use, the fact that there isn’t really anything new about it and the number of fake profiles.

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Inspirational Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Nothing spells success like doing something you love, and Doe Deere has parlayed her unique fashion sense and creative talents into an extraordinary career as a musician and CEO of her own cosmetics brand. According to an interview at Guest of Guest, the beauty maven credits her willingness to follow her dreams and entrepreneurial spirit for her rise to fame. Always a step ahead of the crowd, Doe Deere started her own business at age 13, selling temporary tattoos that were just coming into fashion.

Moving to New York City from Russia at age 17, Doe Deere hit the ground running by performing in a band as a singer/songwriter, collaborating with the man who is now her husband. and after years in the big apple, now lives in Los Angeles.

Ms. Deere always had a flair for makeup and modern world of “natural” makeup, she saw the need to provide beauty products for those who don’t wish to blend in the background. She created her indie makeup company, Lime Crime, which sells everything from glitter shadows to lip shades that complement today’s popular candy colored hair hues. Doe believes that what we wear, how we fix our hair, and what we put on our skin makes an individual statement.

Following your dreams takes imagination and determination. Why be one of the herd when you can stand out proudly if you wish? Doe Deere firmly believes that everyone possesses a special quality or talent that is uniquely theirs. As she is known as the “Unicorn Queen”, she knows all about the perks and the price of being different and marching to your own drummer. As this was her recipe for success, it is noteworthy advice for the youth of today, who may feel fenced in by a need to conform.

You can get the latest updates on Doe Deere on Instagram: @DoeDeere and her company Lime Crime @limecrimemakeup, to find out more about this beauty expert and her fabulous cosmetic products.

George Soros and High Thoughts on the Refugee Crisis

Multi-billionaire hedge fund owner and philanthropist George Soros recently spoke out on the refugee crisis in Europe on in a piece published in Soros, who has been a businessman and investor in world markets since the 1950s and who has long been involved in progressive political issues, is a voice that the global business community listens to. George Soros predicted the economic meltdown of 2008 and its repercussions well in advance of the crash, and his strategies and investment acumen have long been right on target.

Solutions to the Refugee Crisis

Turning his attention to the crisis on currently taking place in Europe, Soros has noted that the asylum policy recently put together during negotiations between the EU and Turkey is seriously flawed and seems to be made up of a lot of wishful thinking, rather than a truly thought through strategy.

George Soros has pointed out that there are four major problems with the policy, including the fact that it was imposed on Turkey by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, instead of coming from European leaders as a whole. The other issues involve lack of reasonable funding, as well as the program being an involuntary one. The policy imposes quotas and forces refugees to locate to areas where they don’t wish to go, and also asks refugees who have landed in Europe to go back to where they came from.

George Soros long history of accurately analyzing political and economic situations makes him a voice that is listened to, and the current crisis in Europe begs for an intelligent strategy. In George Soros’ view, the solution to the crisis is to come up with a comprehensive plan that thoroughly addresses the issues at hand and the financial realities involved.

Though this obviously is a great deal of money, Soros’ warns that failure to realistically plan for the crisis could lead to a human rights catastrophe in the near future. Learn more about his profile at

Venezuela Claims United States is Backing Colombia in War.

Colombia has been accused of attempting to start a war with Venezuela 8 months after Venezuela deported thousands of Colombians.
Vice President of Venezuela Aristobulo Isturiz told Visual CV reporters that the United States has initialized “Operation Tenaza” with the help of Colombia.

Since the death of former president Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013 due to cancer, Venezuela’s oil revenue dropped significantly. With oil being Venezuela’s only major revenue source an “economic emergency” was declared in January of 2016.

Vice President Isturiz told congress, “Operation Tenaza aims to position Colombia against Venezuela.”

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, has previously stated his distaste with the behavior of Venezuela, but he is on record stating that he supports current president Nicolas Maduro’s opposition in any future political battles.

Talk Fusion Makes International Business Easier

International business has been the unicorn that people have been trying to manage for a long time, and they have been thinking about how they are going to talk to all the people they work with. International business used to be done over broken phone lines, but Talk Fusion makes it much easier for people to talk when they have clients all over the world. That business that something did in Korea can be handled over Talk Fusion, and people can install translation software that makes it much easier for people to understand their international clients.

Talk Fusion was started by Bob Reina because he wanted to make it easy for people to talk, and now he has made it easy for people to talk all over the world. Someone in America can talk to someone around the world on a video call, and the video emails give people a chance to spell out what they are talking about without making it look confusing in an email. Everyone talks differently, but everyone can talk just the same on Talk Fusion. It makes the videos people need to make, and it helps people make sure that they are talking in a way that is comfortable.

Comfortable talking happens when people are sure that they are going to be able to chat right into the webcam, and they can call anyone else into the call at any time. These same people are going to be able to use the system when they need to keep records of their calls. That is a really easy way for people to get the help that they need, and it is going to be even easier for people who know that they are going to need to talk to the camera instead of camera.

Steven Murray: Key Influencer In CCMP Success

Fortune announced that Steve Murray, who was the CEO of CCMP Capital, passed away. The 52 year old man had spent decades as a private equity executive. In February of 2015, Murray chose to step back from his role at the firm because of health reasons. Murray had spent decades with CCMP and the firms that were its predecessors. He first started in 1989, when the firm was known as Chase Capital Partners. It then became JPMorgan Partners when Chase was purchased by J.P. Morgan. In 2006, the firm became independent and Murray stepped up as the Chief Executive Officer in 2007. This happened after Jeff Walker stepped down. Walker was the founder of the firm.

Steve Murray was also involved in the community with different businesses. He sat on the board of companies like Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Octagon Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group, Jetro HMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc., and Crestcom International. When CCMP heard that Murray had passed away, they released a statement expressing their sorrow. Greg Brenneman, the CCMP chairman and now the Chief Executive Officer and President, made the statement. He also gave his condolences to the family and noted how successful and enigmatic Murray was.

Murray was born in 1962 and attended Boston College and Columbia Business School during the 1980s. During his time in the tertiary institutions, Murray earned a bachelors degree in economics and a masters in business administration. When Murray graduated he went to work for MH Equity Corporation. After many mergers, eventually that same firm that Murray started his career at, became CCMP Capital. Murray was heavily involved in philanthropy and was a major contributor to the Metro New York Make-A-Wish Foundation. He also supports the Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Boston College. He also served on the boards of both Boston College and the Metro New York Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The name CCMP was actually created from the previous firms that CCMP was before it became independent. The firm is concentrated on global private equity and they specialize in growth equity investments and buyouts in Europe and North America. The firm mainly deals with 4 specific sectors. The first sector is Consumer and Retail, which involves multi-channel marketing, specialty retail, information services, service businesses and mass channel supply. The second sector is industrial, which includes manufacturing, industrial services and distribution. The third area is healthcare, which includes managed care payors and organizations, medical product distributors and speciality product companies.

Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks Gives Insight on Successful Presentations

CNN featured an article on venture capitalist Marc Sparks in which he explains what exactly he looks for in evaluating a presentation. Sparks offered up invaluable insight into the thought process of a successful businessman in determining whether to take the plunge and invest in whatever is being pitched in a presentation. The hints and pointers Sparks provides are intended to help presenters set themselves apart from the countless other ideas that have been pitched to a successful venture capitalist.

The primary factor in giving a presentation that has a lasting effect on the audience is to make sure that there is real meaning behind the idea and the meat of the presentation. In Twitter, Sparks advises that data is always a good component of an effective presentation, but it is important to make sure that the data tells a meaningful story and represents a solid reason for a venture capitalist to invest in you and your idea.

However, Sparks cautions that while data and trends are important components of a thoughtful presentation, it pays to keep the overall concept simple so that it is easy to grasp in a short amount of time and inspires a real call to action at the end of the presentation, rather than leaving the audience members scratching their heads trying to figure out what they just heard.

Marc Sparks has a long history as a successful entrepreneur and has served as the principal in countless start up companies since 1978. Sparks primarily operates out of Dallas Texas, which is the ninth largest city in the U.S. and has become a major hub for start up enterprises. Sparks is constantly seeking out the next perfect investment and is a highly sought after venture capitalist by too many entrepreneurs to count.

Sparks has published a wide range of materials on advising businesses how to handle a variety of challenges that they will inevitably face.