Venezuela Hanging by Threads as Country on Brink of Collapse

If we believe all the recent headlines on, the South American country of Venezuela is tumbling down out of control with a triple collapse economically, politically and socially.
The entire world is watching the severe downward spiral as 30 million Venezuelans are challenged with major food and medicine shortages, more power outages, the world’s highest inflation rate and so much more. This is the country’s worst recession in more than 70 years.

According to, the OPEC member is now swapping more gold for cash. The country is desperate to stay afloat so it can feed its people, and the quickest fix at the moment, is selling its gold reserves. As of last week, Venezuela’s gold reserves had plunged to a low of $12.1 billion.

Venezuelans like Jose Gonzalez, 60, are having to change their diet, since they cannot find the food they need at the supermarkets. Milk, meat and beans are the major protein staples for the country but sparse in supply or sold at exorbitant prices. So, many Venezuelans are eating pasta, rice and cornmeal cake, which offer fewer nutrients.

Venezuelan dietitians claim that too many carbohydrates will make the population fat, and the lack of calcium will stunt growth for children.

Hedge Fund Giant George Soros Is Buying Gold Mining Stocks And For Good Reasons

The gold market is one of those markets that investors have a hard time understanding at times. Most investors like to own gold, but a large percentage of average investors don’t own enough gold, according to billionaire investor, George Soros. Soros is known for making some radical economic and financial predictions. The funny thing about the George Soros predictions is they usually come true. That’s why Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world. He has more than $24 billion in the bank in some form, and he made every nickel of that money investing.

According to a recent article published by, George Soros is selling more than 37 percent of his stocks, and he is investing more than $241 million in the largest gold miner in the world, Barrick Gold. The gold market is not considered a bull market right now, but Soros believes it will be by the end of 2016. The price of gold has increased by more than 20 percent the first three months of 2016, and that is only the beginning according to Soros on

One of the main reasons that George Soros is investing in gold is the news that central banks around the world are buying gold. And, China is on the verge of a major economic meltdown. That’s when the Great Recession tore a hole in the American dream.

There are other hedge funds managers that agree with Soros, and they are investing in the gold market. But, Soros isn’t giving up on the stock market completely. Soros still owns more than $80 billion in EBay and another $80 million in Zoetis. Plus, George recently bought a large chunk of Apple, Gap and Yahoo stocks. Those new purchases are not considered large according to Soros standards, however.

Read more on published an article that said that some investors believe that gold will jump to more than $1,400 an ounce, and Soros is preparing for an another huge payday. Soros is also moving a large portion of his money to cash, and that is a sign that the successful Hungarian-born refugee believes another global recession is on the horizon.

George Soros may be in his eighties, but he hasn’t lost his ability to make money. Even though Mr. Soros spends most of his time working with his Open Society Foundation, he can still make an extra billion dollars or two in his spare time. George is the king of making time and money work for him.