White Shark Media Complaints Are Being Addressed One by One

There is not a company around that doesn’t make a mistake every now and again. However, when the customers slammed White Shark Media with attacks regarding their business practices, they handled it in a rather unusual way.

Instead of trying to downplay the problems with the rather new company, they faced their adversaries head on. They not only addressed the issues, but they created a plan of action to ensure that their customer base was satisfied.

One of the main bones of contentions with their customers was the AdWord campaign issues. People feel that they had lost touch with the campaigns. They felt that the way they were getting their reports was not successful. White Shark Media agreed that things could be improved, so they made the proper improvements to ensure their customers were happy.

The clients are now walked through every process of the campaign. They can go and search help sections on the website where they can type in keywords to help. The goal now is to ensure that each customer is aware of things before the campaign begins. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc

Another major issue is the lack of communication with their account executives. Customers are tired of trying to get a hold of their account manager and needing to go through several people to get to the right spot. It was frustrating and White Shark Media once again rose to the challenge.

Each account executive has a direct line that they can call. Any questions they have can be left on voice mail and there is no more trying to get to the right person, they only talk to one. In addition to direct lines and voicemail, they also get a report once every 30 days. For more people, a report once a month is a successful way to know what it is going on.  Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

SEO service is a big part of any business these days. White Shark Media wants to have a good SEO delivery. While they do not have an SEO department at this time, they want to help their current customers by reviewing any proposals they have received from other vendors.

There have been other complaints about poor customer service, or the need for more SEO help. White Shark Media Complaints evaluates these complaints and works one by one to ensure all are resolved. They want their customers to know that their issues have not fallen on deaf ears. They care, they hear and they understand.

Will Hair Start To Get Fuller With Wen By Chaz?

The main selling point for WEN Hair by Chaz according to Bustle.com is the fact that it works well with thin hair. It is a really nice thing for people who have been trying to keep their hair in the best shape possible, and it is also nice because they can keep the hair healthy to see how much it will grow. That is something that makes hair stay healthy, and it is an amazing thing that has completely altered the way in which people will handle their hair. They have not been able to do anything with their hair before, but now they can.

Someone who is using this Sephora endorsed product often is going to look at their hair and instantly notice that they can get their hair clean without even thinking about it. They will be able to use the shampoo to keep the hair growing, and then they can use a normal brush and normal styling products to get the results that they are looking for. That means that someone who has had thin hair all their life is going to get to keep their hair growing from underneath, and it is going to get really full for the first time in a long time.

WEN Hair Care products are also available here: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care

Really thin hair is going to be much easier to take care of, and it is going to provide all women with the head of hair they have always wanted. There are a lot of people who could use Wen hair to make their lives easier, and they can keep their hair clean in ways that they have not been able to use before. It is a very easy thing for people to manage when they are trying to keep their hair clean. There are a lot of people who can use this to be sure that they have a nicer head of hair. Try a bottle today, get if from Amazon.

FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html

Fabletics: Comfort, Affordable, Stylish

Actress Kate Hudson works hard for her body. That is why she started Fabletics, which is her own line of athletic clothing. Hudson realizes how expensive athletic clothing, such as leggings and sports bras, can be. Hudson’s collection of athletic clothing are all under a $100 and affordable for most families. Hudson also has a website, which advocates the healthy living lifestyle for everyone.

Hudson explains that she not only wanted to create a healthy product, but one that would spark deep and meaningful conversations in women. More specifically, Hudson wanted to bring together women with a similar goal — losing weight — and having them work together toward that goal.

Hudson also wanted to create a product that was not just athletic wear but comfortable and chic. Hudson introduced Fabletics, which lets women be fashionable and comfortable, while also being something that women can work out in. Hudson’s favorite product in her clothing line is the sports bras and the leggings, which are all designed to accommodate a variety of different body types.

Fabletics started with a dream. The purpose of Fabletics was to deliver affordable, high quality athletic clothes to women. Unlike other brands on the market, Fabletics is not a luxury brand but is designed to be both stylish and comfortable. Fabletics started in October 2013. But soon, in mid-2014, Fabletics moved to the international level when it was introduced in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Shortly after its introduction in Europe, Fabletics made its debut in Canada. The success of her conversation with Marie Claire about the brand was soon evident when it reached a million orders by January 2015. Later that year, Fabletics started carrying a male line, while at the same time expanding to Spain and the Netherlands.

Due to the success of the online operation, Fabletics opened up six brick-and-mortar locations in the United States in September and October 2015. Source: http://www.elle.com/culture/a35253/getting-lost-and-found-with-kate-hudson/

Makari Gears its Skin Products to Those With Dark Complexions

Women and men of color had long been neglected by a beauty industry that seemed obsessed with appealing to those with light skin. Makari de Suisse, better known simply as Makari, is a company thats main product is skin whitening cream, they helped to fill that gap by producing a line of beauty products specifically designed for those with dark complexions.
Through its products, Makari has for the past decade helped enhance the beauty of people with dark skin, in the process transforming countless lives throughout the world. The company today has more than 60 items that include hair products, cosmetics and fragrant lotions. It also offers jewelry items and tote bags. However, its main emphasis is in the area of skin care products.
The products of Makari that are specifically designed to improve and lighten a person’s complexion include its Extreme Carrot Brightening Kit, which fights pigmentation and over time will leave the skin so bright that it almost appears to glow. Makari Body Milk was originally created for medical purposes but also promises soft and glowing skin. Makari Extreme Cream Carrot and Argan Oil will both lighten the skin and help eliminate dark spots. In addition to reducing the effects of excessive skin pigmentation, Makari products are capable of combating acne and even stretch marks, and in some cases have been known to completely eradicate skin problems that had continued for years before their treatment. The ingredients in the Makari line of items provide both hydration and nourishment. Made in Switzerland, these products have undergone careful scrutiny to insure their safety and quality.
Of particular significance is the fact that none of the items marketed by Makari contain hydroquinone, which has in the past been linked to products designed for dark skin and which is also known to have harmful side effects. Instead, Makari emphasizes the benefits of nature when caring for the skin.
In the African language of Swahili, the word Makari means beautiful. It is therefore the fitting motto of a company that is dedicated to both natural beauty and ethnic diversity.

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