Salon Glorious in the Comfort of Your Own Shower: Wen by Chaz Dean Products

Imagine if you could have perfect hair by rubbing Mandarin Italian figs directly on each strand–would you try? Surely you might be questioning just what is so special about this particular fruit and while the compounds found in it have proven to be healthy for hair, it is simply only one of the ingredients found in WEN hair by Chaz Dean opulent hair care products. Celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, understands the nutrients that healthy hair needs to flourish and uses that knowledge as his tool to craft some of the best hair products on the Sephora cosmetics market.

Sure, anyone can boast of accomplishments and promise their blends to restore a person’s hair back to its natural, intended state, but how can they prove it? While Chaz Dean simply put his products on the market as his proof, Emily McClure took it upon herself to debunk the mystery behind these natural products. Upon becoming intent on disproving the effectiveness of Wen hair products simply because she did not care for the advertisements, she was shocked to discover that Wen’s cleansing conditioner transformed each strand on her head to shiny, more ample locks. See,

Despite her hair being unable to hold a curl, McClure was ecstatic to discover what her hair could really do when it was full of the right nutrients. Though she now has to refrain from touching her soft hair all of the time, Emily enjoys showing her locks off at her job, in her pictures, and when she is out with friends. In fact, her friends often forget what hair products Emily uses on a daily basis and routinely ask her which salon she just stepped out of! Need Wen hair? Check out their Amazon page.

WEN Hair Care products are also available here:

Marc Sparks; a Real Inspiration to Many a Young People

Every young person desires to succeed in life. Success is the main motivation that makes most young people to spend years in school hoping that in the end, they will be able to land a good job and start a successful life. Many people believe that education is the main path to a successful career and life. Read more: Marc Sparks | Facebook

However, not every young person gets the chance to excel academically as different people may have peculiar circumstances. Marc’s life presents a great motivation to young people, whether they can excel academically or not. A person should not let their academic performance define the kind of life they lead in future.

Marc Sparks, even after scoring a C in high school has many success stories. He has risen to become a business magnate with interests spanning real estate, telecommunications, and capital investments. The narrative of his life is a true inspiration to many young people who would otherwise give up in life after failing to perform so well in education.

Most of them get demoralized and suffer from low self-esteem. They believe that they cannot make it in life and accept to be defined by their not so good academic performance. Parents of such people are to blame for a culture that believes in a conventional way to success.

They fail to encourage their sons and daughters that they can still make it in life even after performing dismally in school. As a result, they throw many young people deeper into depression and spend much of their time thinking about their “failure” instead of moving on with life.

A lesson to learn from Marc Sparks is that one must not give up in life. Even when they try and do not succeed at first, there is need to try again and again until they succeed. This kind of a “never say die attitude” is what has made him so successful today.

If he had given up after an average performance in high school, we would not be talking of such great companies as Timber Creek Capital, Cobalt Real Estate Services, Splash Media and many others that exist as a result of his persistence and desire to keep trying until success comes.

His book on Amazon “They Can’t Eat You” gives very useful insights on how to succeed in business and is a must read for young entrepreneurs who may think that they are facing too many handles in their quest for business success.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Marc Sparks is keen to uplift the living standards of the less fortunate in the society. He is a renowned philanthropist who has helped many young people in Dallas to obtain a diploma. Another invaluable lesson from him, that generosity does not prevent anybody from being successful in life.

The ‘Fab’ Behind Fabletics

On March 29 of 2016, Marie Claire magazine had released a very inspiring and jaw dropping new article online….of which the author was Mehera Bonner. It already has over two thousand likes online.

The article piece involves Kate Hudson, and even a creator of their ads, per AdWeek. It also involves her commodity in certain pieces of fashion. What would she be more or less comfortable wearing, and why? As such, what would she (and will she) be releasing to the public to make ladies more comfortable buying and wearing? What complaints can she resolve with her new styles and pieces? We will see!

Before I begin, allow me to provide a bit of background on the company behind Kate Hudson’s work and inspiration. Expanding with more retail stores is Fabletics’ plan. Fashion & comfort is the game here.

Fabletics was founded in 2013. Fabletics is an online retailer company in which Ms. Hudson plays a big role and is recognized wearing its products in numerous photos and ads. “Activate your life” is the common catch phrase and slogan often associated with the company and brand.

Now then, it appears that in this particular article Ms. Hudson was promoting a new set of dresses called ‘athleisure dresses’ to make every ‘lazy gal’s’ dream a reality. Many women were excited to hear of the product’s release back on April 1st of this year. Many, many products of this name were sold….and profits have increased tremendously for Ms. Kate Hudson and Fabletics.

This extra ordinary woman mentions in the article that these incredible dresses have a flair of casual with athletic, or in other words, leisure with athletic….thus adding a sense of sporty-ness to leisure and commonality wherever ladies goes.

Women love products which cover several of their unique needs at once and are contained together WITHIN THAT SAME PRODUCT. According to Marie Claire in this article piece, Ms. Hudson once again delivers! Fabulous and athletic, Fabletics comes to the rescue once again….and it appears that back in March when the article was released, young ladies were already going ecstatic for the release. Check on this site: