Phenomenal Business Personality Adam Goldenberg and the Development of JustFab

Adam Goldberg hasn’t been the first male business owner to launch a cosmetic business, but he and his partner have made great strides in making Just Fabulous Inc. what it is today. Though Goldenberg had no fashion knowledge before starting his company with his long-time friend and business partner, Don Ressler, he did know its potential. And that is what makes him a great businessman. Let’s start by explaining the phenomenal business man’s rise to power.

Goldenberg started developing businesses at the age of fifteen, when he started Gamer’s Alliance. Three years later, he sold it to a company, Intermix Media, in 1999. He became Vice President of Strategic Planning. In no time, he became the youngest COO of a coronation. He met Ron on Intermix Media, who sold his own company for about one million dollars.

Don Ressler an Adam Goldenberg saw an opportunity to open up a business, selling women’s fashion accessories for an affordable price. They both teamed up with Kimora Lee Simmons, Ron’s long-time friend and fashion mogul / businesswoman to make this project happen. JustFab is taking the nation by storm: its current funds are over $55 million. What is also quite nice about the company is that it is fun and engaging. It now has expanded to members of 35 million people.

In an interview with the BUILT IN LA website, Adam Goldenberg shares tips on how they run a successful business, how other individuals and businesses can learn from them. He hides nothing, and is an honest man who knows what potential is when he sees it. One thing he shares was that he and his team check their numbers daily or hourly and share when something is wrong. His JustFab customers on YouTube have played a big impact on his business. When he gets feedback from customers, he makes the necessary changes to satisfy their needs. This is how people can run successful businesses. Not by being power hungry, but by being essentially caring to customers and actually listening to them. This in his method of a successful business. Adam Goldenberg is a wonderful example of how to run a business at

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