Freedom Pop – An Option For Frugal Mobile Users

In PT Money’s FreedomPop review, the free service was praised for the utility it provides its casual mobile data users. Free users gain access to 500 MB of data each month with options to increase monthly data as needed. No contract is required – any changes can be made without a short or long-term financial penalty. At the staggeringly low price of free, Freedom Pop is clearly affordable to light data users. Higher quantities of data are available for a small fee, still very affordable. But even the existence of a free plan is novel and because of this PT Money rated Freedom Pop’s service nine out of ten.

Because Freedom Pop purchases data and voice wholesale, they’re able to provide this service completely free. This plan is best for light use – some users might find that they need more than 500 MB per month. In addition to the free plan, users have the option to purchase more data, as well as any add-ons they might find useful such as a data-rollover plan or extended privacy and security features. Higher data plans are available as low as 10.99 a month, and For travelers, an international SIM card can be purchased at a low fee to gain 200 MB coverage in the United States and most of Europe.

Users can earn additional data by trying out applications, completing surveys, or subscribing to email newsletters. Many of these options are free, though there are also subscription-based services like Netflix hosted on the site. Friends can invite each other to join Freedom Pop for free and create a network, boosting every member’s data cap. But for members who routinely expect to use more data, plans are affordably priced. Even people who don’t find Freedom Pop’s plans appealing could make use of the service’s affordably-priced technology in their shop, which has a variety of smartphones, tablets, and other accessories available at low or discounted rates.

Madison Street Capital, Experts in Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital, established in 2011 is a venture that has quickly spread to cover North America, Africa, and Asia. Its rapid growth is attributed to their competence proficiency and capability.

Madison Street Capital with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois in America understands the need for fast action when it comes to responding to business opportunities in the market. Its core business is in investment banking with its pivotal role being the provision of corporate finance mergers and acquisitions.

Their business approach offers transactions that are mutually beneficial to both the business owner and the investor. They are devoted to guidance and service as well as integrity and excellence in their activities towards providing commercial advisory services. Their services cover both privately held companies and those in the public sector. Madison has the expertise and the experience that enables them to match the buyers together with the seller while at the same time matching the proper funding and other requisite structures for each customer situation.

Their wealth of experience in the corporate advisory includes the mergers and acquisitions where they focus on Buy-side and Sell-side services. This service seeks to enhance the overall value of businesses. It also includes the reorganization services where they identify and apply critical strategies to bring back firms that are rocked by any turbulence to avoid the filing of bankruptcy. Buyout advisory is similarly part of the corporate advisory. It manages the leveraged takeovers and management of buyouts. Others in the category include capital restructuring, bankruptcy services, private placements as well as ESOP Advisory.

Madison Street Capital likewise deals with the business valuation where they analyze, categorize and define the value of the firm. They have sophisticated investigative tools and financial modeling methods to determine the value. It assists the business owners to understand their worth during mergers and initial public offerings. They can also evaluate your taxes and advice on ways of attaining the tax compliance.

Madison Street Capital’s reputation is comparable to none. The investment company that started out small has grown by leaps and bounds. According to the fourth edition of the Madison Street Capital’s hedge fund industry overview, in 2015 alone, 42 hedge fund deals were closed, and 32 in 2014. The progression shows a sharp growth in the company operations.

The team of professionals who have a rich background in financial dealings coupled with excellent and extensive relationships enables Madison Street Capital to stay in the lead in investment banking.

Madison Street Capital has differentiated itself from competition by offering diverse services that are not only unique but strategic as well. Smaller hedge fund managers who cannot keep up with the contest are forced to seek alternative businesses due to the little operation to avoid higher unprecedented costs.

Madison Street Capital has strategically placed itself as the best company that any firm seeking financial advisory services should put their money in. The short term and long term businesses benefit immensely from their vision, expertise, and strategies that are in place.

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InnovaCare Health’s Mission of Reshaping the Complex Healthcare System

InnovaCare Health has cemented an influential position in the North American market when it comes to the provision of managed healthcare services. The company operates two essential avenues of primary care: Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. It invests a lot in developing affordable, sustainable, and reliable models that can boost the quality of health care rendered to customers. These models incorporate aspects of modern technology.

In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health runs two Medicare Advantage Plans: PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. These plans have a strong membership base of close to 200,000 people, who receive top-notch services from over 7,500 providers. The healthcare firm operates two Medicaid programs within Puerto Rican Government Health Plan, providing broad benefit coverage via a well-regulated care model.

Patient-oriented plans

InnovaCare prioritizes on the needs of patients. In the dynamic and fast growing healthcare sector, the company focuses on delivering high quality and unique care to patients throughout North America. It works toward accomplishing its mission of reshaping healthcare management to offer lasting solutions to the problems of the complex healthcare system.

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Medical Service Organization (MSO)

InnovaCare assists its clients to attain perfect results through Innovation. Puerto Rican Medical Service Organization develops organizational solutions that enhance quality metrics across a broad range of InnovaCare’s operations. Since its inception in 2009, MSO has collaborated with biggest Medicare Advantage Firms in Puerto Rico. The organization has helped these companies to maintain their top positions in the healthcare industry.

The leadership team of InnovaCare Health

DR. Rick Shinto: He is at the helm of InnovaCare, Inc.’s management. He serves in the capacity of CEO and President. He served in Aveta’s management team before being promoted to the CEO of the company. Dr. Shinto manages the day-to-day operations of InnovaCare in Puerto Rico. He has in-depth clinical and operational healthcare knowledge in managed care. Throughout his career, Dr. Shinto has held executive positions at firms such as NAMM California, Medical Management Company, and Orange County-based Cal Optima Health Plan.

Penelope Kokkinides: She is in charge of all administration tasks at InnovaCare. She made a comeback to InnovaCare leadership after being away for some time. Penelope was part of Aveta Inc.’s leadership team. She is an authority in overseeing the implementation of government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Penelope has a wealth of expertise and knowledge of customizing clinical programs and overseeing health care operation and process with a particular interest in optimizing the organizational infrastructure.

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Helane Morrison Has Earned Trust Of Investors Through Her Actions

Helane Morrison has had a long career in the financial district in San Francisco. She started out as a defense lawyer for clients that were being sued by the SEC. She later transitioned to working for the SEC. During her time working for the SEC she was promoted as the Director for the San Francisco office of the Security Exchange Commission. In 2007, she started working for Hall Capital and today sits as the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer for the investment firm. Her job as CCO is to make sure that the investment company is completely compliant with all aspects of the SECs regulations.

Morrison worked from 1999-2007 for the SEC. She worked tirelessly to fight the corrupt activities that existed in all markets. She eventually became the director for the San Francisco office of the SEC. The director for the San Fran office is in charge of the entire state of California and 5 other states in the Pacific Northwest in including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. She was a staunchfighter against corrupt practices by investors and lenders. Her experience as a defense attorney for those being sued by the SEC was a huge source of knowledge for this.

This fight continued through 2007. This is the year that the housing bubble burst and the market collapsed. This housing market collapse was a result of predatory lending practices by banks when it came to home loans. They would give money for what were called subprime mortgages. Morrison was at the forefront of fighting against and attempting to prosecute these individuals.

After the market collapse in 2007, Helane Morrison saw the trust that people seemed to have lost in investment professionals. She completely understands the positive effects that market can have on people’s bottom line if they stick with the process over time. This is what led her to take a job in the private sector working for Hall Capital Group.

Hall Capital Group is one of the leading investment firms in the state of California. Part of the reason Morrison was drawn to the company is the fact that the firm is completely run by women. As the Managing Director of Hall Capital Group, Morrison has worked to win back the trust of investors. This is especially in the real estate market.

She has a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She also has a law degree from the University of California at Berkley. She will combine her education and years of experience to help investors all over the state of California win back their nest egg.

Labaton Sucharow Announce More SEC Whistleblower Success

Following the 2008 economic slowdown that was largely blamed on financial mishandling of the U.S. financial markets, Congress brought in new regulations to allow the Securities and Exchange Commission the opportunity to develop a new whistleblower program. The SEC whistleblower program now provides a range of rewards and protections that are designed to encourage the largest number of whistleblowers ever to bring evidence of financial irregularities to the attention of the SEC.

The problem facing many potential whistleblowers is how they will be able to make sure they are provided with the full range of protections linked to the program developed by the SEC; working with SEC whistleblower attorney Jordan A. Thomas at the Labaton Sucharow law firm ensures the highest levels of protections and rewards are always available to each individual who place their own reputation on the line in the hope of helping avoid further issues in the financial markets; Thomas and his hand picked team work with potential whistleblowers from the outset of their attempts to contact the SEC in a bid to make sure the specific breaking of regulations can be identified, and any potential retaliation by employers does not cause problems.

Creating the Dodd-Frank Act included a large amount of research into how best the SEC could attract new whistleblowers to provide information and evidence of financial wrongdoing. The use of potential evidence led as far as the potential for financial rewards to be included in the Dodd-Frank Act partly authored by Jordan A. Thomas, among others; SEC whistleblower lawyer Thomas believes the inclusion of a financial reward of between 10 and 30 percent will help avoid the problems of the past not being repeated in the future. In a bid to attract new whistleblowers to the SEC program Jordan A. Thomas and his team have recently revealed the fact that an individual whistleblower was awarded around $17 million in rewards for their information. This high level of reward was reported to be the second highest in the six year history of the SEC whistleblower program and marked what Jordan Thomas believes will be a change in how the SEC prosecutes individuals and companies accused of financial wrongdoing.

Work Behind Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is one of the biggest activists when it comes to exposing political and government issues. This is why he is one of the most popular activists of his time and why his entire family has dedicated their entire lives to exposing the lies that a lot of people buy into.

In fact, Thor Halvorssen has been involved in a variety of different issues when interviewing government agencies and this is why he continues to put his work on the line when it comes to finding out what people want to know in terms of their political professionals and government agencies.

If you have never heard of Thor Halvorssen before, you are missing out on one of the biggest activists when it comes to exposing different things that happen in political corruption. You can learn more about this amazing individual by reading or watching any of his different interviews explaining what he does for a living and why he is so passionate about it.

So many people are interested in learning more about this individual because of the time it takes to ensure that people are getting honest opinions about political professionals as well as different government agencies that they might think are fine but are far from being alright.

According to Crunchbase, if you would like to learn more about Thor Halvorssen and what he does for a living, it might be a good idea for you to visit his website or to learn more about his company known as Human Rights Foundation. This professional has started his company known as Human Rights Foundation several years ago and continues to put his pride into it each and every day.

There are so many people who want to know what is corrupt when it comes to their political or government standing and this is why so many people are interested in learning more about this professional because they know they are finally getting an honest opinion. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

You can even find out more about blank on the Internet or by visiting his social media accounts in order to learn more about what he is all about and what he can do for the public.

Knowing NorkaLuque, a Rising Pop Artist from Venezuela

NorkaLuque is a talented Venezuelan-born pop singer whose first album which debuted in 2011 gave her the nomination for the Best Female Pop Artist category in the prestigious Premios Lo Nuestro Awards.

Early Years

Norka’s passion for music started to flourish when she was still quite young. Her parents knew about this, and they supported her dreams by allowing her to train with professional voice coaches, as well as with flamenco, ballet, and piano teachers during her childhood years. Despite all the provision that she had received from her loved ones, however, Norka decided to momentarily veer away from her dream of pursing music on a full scale in order to deepen her knowledge base and acquire more academic credentials.

This decision of hers brought her to France where she chose Business Administration as a major field of study. In addition to that, she obtained consequent degrees in Marketing, Fashion, and Culinary Arts in the same country. Norka’s prolonged stay within the French nation in fact gave her the opportunity to reconnect with her earlier hopes of getting a musical recording deal in the future, for the reason that she had been included in a band there.

Professional Singing Career

The progression of her career as a performer was not as fast as anyone would imagine. However, the woman’s four years’ worth of efforts were paid off by the fact that a best producer named Emilio Estefan, Jr. – an artist who had taken home a total of 19 Grammys himself and is the husband of the legendary songstress Gloria Estefan – had taken notice of her singing abilities and helped her enter the entertainment world.

According to NorkaLuque, to be able to work with a musical wonder like Emilio was a blessing, and she learned a lot from him. After the positive feedback that the first album garnered even in countries outside of the Latin America, the singer went on to create her second album, Milagro, whose songs had the lyrics written by prominent song writers such as Luigi Giraldo, HermanosGaitán, and Archie Pena, to name a few. One of the tracks which had the same title as the album put Norka’s name in the Latin Music Billboards at the time and permitted her music to be introduced in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and United States.

Norka Luque had unfortunately been out of the limelight for several years due to personal reasons, but she would be making a comeback later this year.

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