Vijay Eswaran And The Q1 Group: Raising People Out Of Poverty

Vijay Eswaran is one of the Pacific Rim’s most successful businessmen. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and executive chairman of the multilevel marketing company the QI Group. Eswaran co-founded the company in the Philippines in 1998 and through his hard work and vision was able to turn it into a multimillion dollar concern with millions of workers and branches in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The Q1 Group at has helped untold numbers of people throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East to pull themselves out of poverty and improve the quality of life themselves and their loved ones.

Born in Penang, Malaysia in 1960, Vijay Eswaran was the son of Pushpavathy Chinnaiah, a school teacher and civil servant Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu. In the early 1980s Vijay Eswaran went to England to study socio-economics at the London School of Economics. While there he did a series of odd jobs throughout Europe and eventually became involved in multilevel marketing on Facebook. By the time he graduated in 1984 he had earned his multilevel marketing professional certification. He then went to the University of Southern Illinois to earn his MBA. While there he worked part time with the multilevel marketing company Synaptics.

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When Vijay Eswaran returned to Malaysia in 1998 the Cosway Group gave him the opportunity to start his own multilevel company. He agreed and founded the company that would become the Q1 Group. The e-commerce company markets media, telecommunications, travel, training, wellness and luxury products in over a dozen countries throughout Asia and Africa. The company made Vijay Eswaran one of Asia’s richest men. But he used some of his money to help the less fortunate through his charitable organizations the the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. It’s helped to make him a hero and an inspiration to poor people throughout Asia and led Forbes Asia to name him one of their Heroes of Philanthropy.

These days Vijay Eswaran is a speaker and author. He has written a series of books designed to motivate people and give them the mindset necessary for them to succeed. Eswaran’s work has earned him numerous awards and accolades.

Purchasing And Refinancing Any Vehicle Is Possible With Ignition Financial

It’s very likely that many people have not heard about Ignition Financial, but it’s not necessary for you to know about Ignition Financial on a personal level to work with them. Ignition Financial is similar to other refinancing companies out there, except for the fact that they have a lot more options than many other financing companies have for their customers. Many customers are not given all of their options or are only turned on to one financier, which means that if they are turned down by that particular lender, they won’t get the loan they are looking for or be able to refinance the vehicle.


Some of the lenders who work with customers from other companies may require nearly perfect credit, but what would be the purpose of refinancing if a person had really good credit? Those with good credit would have gotten the best loan to begin with, which means they would have no need to refinance. The reason why most people refinance their car is because they have changed their credit status to one that is much better, and they are interested in getting lower payments. It’s not terribly hard to change one’s credit as long as all their credit debt has been paid back.


Another thing to do is to make sure that payments on the car are made on time each month. Those who continue paying for their car can try to refinance their car when they are ready, and they should work directly with Ignition Financial if they want the best prices. Cutting monthly payments is all Ignition Financial thinks about because they know it’s all their customers think about when they want to refinance their vehicles. Getting payments lower is exactly what Ignition Financial is here for.


Ignition Financial can even answer questions when they are called by their customers, but those who want to make the process faster can start online by filling out the application. The application takes minutes, and once it’s completed, you’ll be on your way to getting refinanced. If you have a business that requires another vehicle or several additional vehicles, then consider Ignition Financial as the company that can get you lenders to pay for those vehicles. You can have everything you need if you choose to work with Ignition Financial for refinancing or purchasing vehicles of any kind.


Waiakea Volcanic Water Changing the Game

When Ryan Emmons launched Waiakea in 2012 he had no idea that his volcanic water would produce a 5000 percent growth within the first 5 years of its commencement. Not Waiakea Spring Water, but rather Waiakea Volcanic Water is “sourced from a single, pristine source…filtered through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa Volcano, Waiakea…boasts a unique mineral composition…” (Organic Authority, “Waiakea Water Redefines Sustainable: Could This Bottled Water Actually Be Worth It?” Emily Monaco, 20 Apr. 2016, Accessed 16 Jan. 2017. Waiakea is proud of their mission to encourage their customers to be smart about the water they drink. “Founded on a triple bottom line platform focused on health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives.” (Globe Newswire, “Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Sees a 5,000 Percent Growth in Just Three Years” 27 Oct. 2015, Accessed 16 Jan. 2017.

Ladisco said that Waiakea water went from selling a modest thousand or so cases a year, and now sells up to 100,000 cases per year. They are now a valued company and turning heads. Especially with their bottles being constructed completely by recycled materials.

Also, they are changing the bottled water business with their annual growth rate of 170 percent and not to mention that “Waiakea water touts a naturally alkaline, mineral-rich, and electrolyte-packed product that is sustainably sourced.” (Globe Newswire, “Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Sees a 5,000 Percent Growth in Just Three Years” 27 Oct. 2015, Accessed 16 Jan. 2017.

You can now find these water bottles at popular grocery and chains around the nation and “is actually cheaper that most of its premium water competitors: $1.79 for a half-liter and $2.79 for a full liter.” (Forbes, “Now That’s Refreshing: 22-year-Old’s Hawaiian Bottled Water Grows 4000% in 3 Years”, Helaina Hovitz, 20 Oct. 2015, https:// Accessed 16 Jan. 2017.

When purchasing Waiakea water you are contributing to the donation of free water to communities in need. For every liter sold, Pump Aid donates 650 liters of clean water to places such as disadvantaged rural areas in Africa.

According to Crunchbase, Emmons and Waiakea water are not only creating a product that is a necessity with one of the purest environments, but are also contributing to the well being of the planet with their charitable contributions.

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Discover The Benefits Of Advanced Inmate Calling Solutions

Build a secure network to talk to your loved ones through the Securus Technologies network. Their services are unmatched by other network providers in the industry because they have had experience in the highest standard of customer service excellence as a regulation provider. They discovered a few irregularities associated with Global Tel-Link and those inaccuracies were quickly corrected, giving customers free inmate calling features in Louisiana for a limited time. They have proudly processed over 54.3 billion calls, over the past quarter. Each call is given the proper regulation, surveillance, and monitoring that is required by state mandated regulations.


Securus Technologies Expands Their Services


Surprisingly, as they expanded their services they merged with video giant Vimeo to bring their customers a video chat feature that eliminates the commute to a correctional institution to see your loved ones. You get complete control over the screen with a popular zoom in and out feature with one button audio controls. They also have incorporated some of the services from JPay to bring their customers additional savings. Securus values each of their customers and works hard to keep you connected over their network. A Certification 1 certificate is given them permission to expand internationally.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Do you have a message for your loved ones in a correctional facility? Do you want to give them all the details of a birthday party or event? They can now retrieve messages from their personalized account that will never allow them to miss a call again.


Prepaid Services


You can get advanced prepaid features that will allow you to have the minutes you need to talk to your loved ones in advance. You can order these services over their 800 number or secure website. A valid checking or credit card is accepted from customers over the age of 18.