CTRMA, Redefining Mobility

Let us all be honest. There is an ugly feeling that puts us down whenever we are stuck because of traffic. We suddenly wish there was ease in getting to places. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) was created to meet such needs. CTRMA enables mobility and creates solutions towards solving transport issues in the society. Mike Heiligenstein is the director of CTRMA.

Supply Chain Digital has it that Mike Heiligenstein collaborates with different stakeholders to help facilitate movement within various cities in the United States. Mike is actively involved in advocating for the rights of pedestrians and cyclists. He is proactive about initiating different things in the society.

CTRMA has managed to achieve different milestones at different levels under his leadership. It extends roads and creates different avenues on roads to ensure that the needs of all road users are met.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein has exceptional knowledge in creating solutions for congestion and traffic in different cities. He managed to develop different infrastructure to solve congestion in various cities when he worked as a civil servant.

He came up with solutions such as extending different roads, creating parking spaces, and developing a secure and accessible application that would increase the efficiency of these products.

CTRMA is involved in the biggest projects of developing infrastructure in the cities. The organization is currently working on a project worth 1 billion dollars. The company has handled other projects in the past.

This shows its potential and credibility. The enterprise has gained the trust of consumers through the different projects that it has managed to do. The company works with technological experts to develop an easy and fast application that can facilitate the achievement of their goals. This is clear evidence that the enterprise embraces different developments in the transportation industry. It is open to ideas.

Mike Heiligenstein currently acts as a board member in various bodies that are in line with transport and mobility. He is an open-minded person who can cooperate with various innovations that aim to develop mobility systems.

Mike endorses ideas such as driverless cars and works in close cooperation with various stakeholders including Uber Technologies Inc. He is called to add his wisdom in matters relating to transport in different forums.

He advises various governmental bodies to come up with solutions that meet the needs of transportation. He is called upon to be part of the team that innovates transportation solutions in Texas and nationally.

Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.dot.state.tx.us/ttf2009/People/MikeHeiligenstein.htm

Why You Would Want To Invest In Luxury Wine Through UKV PLC

What Is UKV PLC And Where Is It Located?

UKV PLC is a wine investing and buying consulting company that has its headquarters in Croydon, England, outside of the city of London. The official address of the corporate headquarters is UKV PLC, AMP House, Dingwall Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 2LX. You can contact the company by calling 0207 4718030. Additionally, you may send an email to [email protected] for any questions or inquiries you may have regarding wine buying or selling. UKV PLC also has an office within the city of London. The address of the London office is UKV PLC, Portland House, Bresenden Place, London SW1E 5RS.

What Can UKV PLC Do For Me?

UKV PLC can help people obtain fine wines for personal consumption. The firm can also help a person invest in luxury wine as a financial asset. UKV PLC has a large network of wine merchants, brokers and dealers. Using this network, the firm can help you obtain a rare or vintage wine for your personal enjoyment or collection. If you are looking to invest in luxury wines, then you will not find a better and more trustworthy partner to help you find and select the luxury wines that fit your investment goals and needs.

If you are looking to sell any vintage or luxury wines you may currently have, then UKV PLC can offer you both valuation services from a wine expert as well as helping you to sell it on the market. UKV PLC can also buy wines directly from you. You can even set schedule a valuation and pickup directly from your home or place or storage for UKV PLC to evaluate, purchase and pick up from. Lastly, UKV PLC provides purchasers of fine wine for both consumption and investment a special warehouse controlled climate designed to preserve the integrity of any and every fine wine.

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