Frontera Fund: Pushing Back Against Efforts Curtailing the Rights of Immigrants

Over the past few months, there has been growing efforts to push back on programs and initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of immigrants in the United States. While some of the efforts have not moved beyond public proclamations and utterances especially by leaders, some states leaders have gone a state further to launch legal actions against programs such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The multi-frontal attacks on the DACA program has seen a total of nine attorneys and a state governor sign a letter addressed to federal government headed by Donald Trump. In the letter, the leaders primarily drawn from GOP leaning states demand for the progressive phasing out of the program, which protects over 800,000 undocumented youths in the United States. The leaders propose that the program be phased out in various phases, which include terminating new applications and renewals before rescinding the program by September 5, 2017.


The demands, which threaten legal action if the government fails to meet their demands, saw the Secretary of Homeland meet several Hispanic Caucus leaders in a closed meeting to discuss the way forward. The legality of the program has already been challenged in a court of law. The worrisome atmosphere surrounding the fate of the thousands of youths whose lives are now in jeopardy has forced several organizations such as the Frontera Fund to reassure them of their support in pushing back these new efforts.


The Frontera Fund: A Silver Lining Founding


The founding of the Frontera Fund epitomizes the relentless quest of good natured humans to find a silver lining in every dark cloud. The fund was set up by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin using the settlement fee they were awarded by the court after winning a lawsuit against Maricopa County. The two journalists and founders of two media houses were illegally arrested on the orders of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County for running an exposure on him in the online issue of their newspaper, Phoenix New Times. The stories covered the sheriff’s wide ranging anti-Mexican immigrant misdeeds, financial misappropriations and abuse of power. They also reported on death of inmates under the sheriff’s care, perpetuation of hatred of Mexican immigrants and illegal detention, prosecution and racial abuse of Latinos. The two journalists were arrested and issued with grand jury subpoenas to reveal their court notes, identity of individuals who read their stories, their IP addresses and identity of the articles’ editors.


They challenged their illegal detention and grand jury subpoenas. They won and were awarded $3.7 million in settlement fee. The funds will be used to finance organizations and initiatives dedicated to protecting immigrant rights and First Amendment in Arizona. One such initiative include DACA, which is a program dedicated to facilitating the acquisition of U.S citizenship by young undocumented people. Youths who meet the criteria for approval are protected against deportation and can even access driving licenses, federal school tuition fees and work.


Securus Technologies Key in Helping Solve Cold Cases

When my team of fugitive hunters is on the case, we have to be able to make use of every resource available to us. Informants play a huge role in identifying and arresting suspects, but they are only effective in certain instances. We were in the middle of a cold case that involved a violent gang member, and no one was willing to talk for fear they or their families would be in harm’s way.


When you are hunting a fugitive that appears to have fallen off the map, you have to be willing to collect evidence in any way possible. One thing that I know for sure in all my years in law enforcement is that criminals simply will talk if given enough time. Many love to talk about their crimes because they want others to know about how successful they were in getting away with something, otherwise there is no thrill keeping it all to yourself.


One a trip to the local prison, we decided to see if any of the gang members were willing to offer up information about our suspect. I knew that Securus Technologies had installed a call monitoring system in that facility, so even if the inmates didn’t talk to me, we knew they would eventually talk to someone. My presence acted like the catalyst, and it didn’t take long for a few of the low-ranking gang members who are not that disciplined, to start talking on the phones.


One new member to the gang was complaining on the phone that this fugitive was getting all the attention for a crime that he felt was weak. he went into details that he actually helped our fugitive in a number of crimes, and he got busted while the fugitive got away free and got all the notoriety. That call helped us connect the dots and arrest our suspect.


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