How OSI Industries Maintains A High Ranking In World Meat Processing Companies

OSI Industries is one of the US’s key meat processing companies and they put a lot of work in to make sure their products are very tasty. Chances are you’ve consumed their burgers if you eat regularly at McDonald’s or Wendy’s. OSI creates these burgers and customizes many other meat specialties from pizzas to breakfast sandwiches and other made-to-order foods. At every location they distribute their products to, they do so through locals who know what customer expectations are in the area. OSI Industries has several executives including CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, but as they would tell you, they don’t run it from the top down.

OSI Industries was originally a butcher shop started in an outer neighborhood of Chicago. The man who owned the shop was Otto Kolschowsky, and he and his sons worked hard to make sales and supply fine quality meat. Eventually they were able to build a big processing plant under the name Otto & Sons, and in 1957 they officially became partners with McDonald’s. This brought on a whole new set of challenges though because they needed new capital to be able to grow the company very big. And then Sheldon Lavin came on, and through his leadership Otto & Sons had financed construction of several new plants. Lavin took over as Chief Executive Officer a few years later and by 1975 had renamed the company OSI Industries.

OSI Industries has been reputable because they’ve taken all the measures necessary to keep employees safe in their plants. It’s been no easy challenge considering the speed at which the processing has to be done at, but OSI Industries has made sure every safety feature has been covered. They were awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council just this last year in recognition of maintaining a safe and clean work environment.

OSI Industries also makes sure that whenever they add companies to their list of subsidiaries that they add jobs and don’t take them away. They retained all workers and then added some when they bought Flagship Europe, Baho Food and a former Tyson plant in south Chicago. OSI Industries is also the chief parent company to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a foundation that helps families with healthcare and education needs.

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Paul Mampilly Sees A Big Investment Opportunity For 3D Printing

Paul Mampilly is an investor who used to be a portfolio manager for several big banks and a hedge fund, but now he gives advice through independent affordable newsletters that are easy for anyone to read. One investment opportunity he’s recently written about is 3D printers, and not just any 3D printers, but ones that could change building construction forever. According to Mampilly, these 3D printing and construction machines could make housing prices up to 40℅ cheaper. The main 3D printing company he’s watching is Cazza, a company that is patenting a printer known as X1. The events Paul Mampilly says are pushing the development of the building technology are the hurricanes such as Harvey, Irma and Maria that this technology would help affected areas recover from in a much shorter time.

Paul Mampilly’s family is from India, though his father had moved to Dubai in the UAE to get a new job that enabled him to get young Paul to university. Mampilly still had to work hard to get through studies at Montclair State University working at a gas station and cafeteria. But after completing his bachelor’s degree in 1991, he managed to get a position as portfolio assistant at Deutsche Bank and from there started to figure out investment strategies that few others could. He worked for several other big banks before landing the big management job at Kinetics International Fund.

At Kinetics International Fund, Paul Mampilly helped the firm raise their assets under management to $25 billion, and Barron’s cited Kinetics International as the “World’s Best” hedge fund that offers returns around 43℅. Mampilly stayed on with the firm for several years including in 2008 when he entered the Templeton Foundation investment competition. He took $50 million and during the housing market crisis of 2008 managed to find new stocks that made an 88℅ return and won the competition. Several years later, Paul Mampilly decided to retire from Wall Street because he had a better idea to help non-wealthy investors make money.

He started writing monthly newsletters for Banyan Hill that garnered over 60,000 subscribers. Mampilly helps investors understand what to invest in but doesn’t work the same way your typical wealth manager does. He wants his followers to make their own decisions by being able to understand financial information. Mampilly has built and shared his own portfolio and was one of the early investors in Facebook and Netflix.

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Matt Badiali: The Man To Listen To

America’s precious natural resources are a enormous part of what has made the country so successful, but the individuals who seek out the best and most efficient ways of utilizing these resources are what boom the economy. Matt Badiali, an enormously influential studier of natural resources, is one of these individuals. His work, which spans the agricultural, mining, and energy industry, is dedicated to determining the best way to use resources to their potential fullest.

Not only do Matt Badiali’s efforts span across many different industries, but he also has made an impact across the world: his ventures have taken him to Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq, and several other countries. His unmatched expertise in the realm of natural resources puts him in a unique position to offer insight and advice to those looking to invest in them. As anyone can see, Badiali is no stranger to the field.

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But what does this mean to the average person? Fortunately, Matt Badiali does not keep this knowledge to himself. Nowadays, he consistently publishes his research and offers one-of-a-kind input to all readers of Real Wealth Strategist. Anyone seeking to make investments in the world of natural resources has access to a treasure trove of valuable guidance. The quality and usefulness of Badiali’s work is evident in the article This U.S Oil Sector is Booming, which discusses the booming industry of oil-refinement in areas around Texas. This type of practical, useful investment advice is instantly applicable to anyone wanting to invest their money effectively according to

Potential investors need to look into the work of Badiali. When it comes to understanding natural resources and their capability to make a good return, no one is in a better position to make a statement on To look anywhere else would be a waste of time and disservice.

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Desire Perez Soaring ROC Nation to Greater Heights

Jay Z’s ten year deal with Live Nation is about to end. The $150 million deal ends in 2018 after it was signed in 2008. The contract saw Live Nation buying into artist’s rights and recorded music. According to speculations, Live Nation is no longer interested in buying recorded music, and this relationship with Roc Nation is likely to be terminated next year. Jay Z has asked investors in the  music industry to join forces and support Roc Nation. Together with Roc Nation’s Executive Desiree Perez, Jay Z held a meeting with Universal Music Group’s chairman Sir Lucian Grainge at his office in Santa Monica, California.

UMG’s move to buy a stake in Jay Z’s recording music business will give him more empowerment to grow new artists. At the moment, UMG already has a distribution deal with Jay Z, but it is a relatively small percentage of Roc Nation. Investing more in the business will give them larger stakes of Roc Nation’s artists. Roc Nation has signed renowned artists like Rihanna, Shakira, Jay, Fat Joe and Meek Mill.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. Ever since she took the position in 2009, she has been providing services such as labeling operations, publishing, and management. Desire Perez thrives well in accounting and negotiating. Her negotiation skills have proved to be beneficial to Roc Nation as she can close deals with organizations and sign contracts with both established and newbie artists. She was at the forefront of negotiating Rihanna’s deal with Samsung.

Desiree Perez is also part of Roc Nation’s inner circle known as Hova Circle of Influence. The group is composed of other members such as Ty Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown and Chaka Pilgrim. As the chief operating officer, Desiree Perez is indeed the backbone of Roc Nation’s success.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Your Center of Choice for Cancer Treatment.

Cancer is one of the leading killer diseases. Any man can develop Prostate cancer, however, African-American males have been found to have a higher chance. There are many types of cancer among them prostate cancer that affects men. Early detection of any cancer is the best weapon in fighting it. Cancer Treatment Center of America together with other organizations have been at the forefront in fighting cancer in the United States. In 2015, they signed up 2000 eligible men over the age of 40 for free screening that was done by LabCorp, one of the partner organizations. They are focused on increasing prostate cancer awareness among men as well as enabling them access screening.

September is a prostate cancer awareness month, and many campaigns and information about cancer are aired. The Prostate Pep Talk program will host many renowned NFL coaches like Bill Cowher in its bid to create more cancer awareness. With some of these legendaries having been affected on personal level, they are more than ready to launch the campaign. To mark the beginning of the campaign a conference will be held on the last day of August in New Jersey. It will be led by influential speakers and cancer advocates like Mike Quick who is one of the former NFL players. Medical professionals will also be attending the meeting like Gary M. Huff who is the CEO of Larpcorp Diagnostics as well as cancer survivors. The campaign will also be done in different cities like Atlanta and Phoenix in partnership with Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America based in Florida is geared to give treatment to cancer patients throughout the US. They are ready with the best technology on the planet to handle cancer. Their staff are highly knowledgeable and professional. They also have different hospitals in various parts of the US like Oklahoma and Chicago where people can easily access treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America use an integrative approach to treat cancer. Among its methods are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. They as well offer supportive therapies to deal with the disease as a whole and any related effects like malnutrition, fatigue and anxiety. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was started by Richard J Stephenson whose mother had succumbed to cancer.

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