SahmAdrangi; The Man Behind The Success Of Kerrisdale Capital Management

The business field requires a keen understanding of the market as well as wide knowledge on several aspects. Businesses that do not do enough research end up establishing losses and finally failing. However, with the guidance from business experts such as SahmAdrangi, prosperity is assured. SahmAdrangi, who is the head of Kerrisdale Capital Management has guided many companies towards greener pastures by providing them with business strategies. He founded Kerrisdale and currently serves as the manager and Chief Executive Officer there.

At Kerrisdale, SahmAdrangi has managed to create the company from being a one million dollar hedge fund to a company that manages assets that are worth over one hundred a fifty million dollars. This has been achieved through hard work and utilisation of the expertise of SahmAdrangi. He attained a great understanding of economics field while working with various financial companies and institutions like the Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. At the bank, he was tasked with advising the creditor committee.

Today, Kerrisdale Capital Management publishes numerous articles that target to correct the misunderstanding that people have on companies similar to his firm. He also points out the companies that are taking part in fraudulent practices and, therefore, protecting people against being victims of fraud. Some of the companies which have been exposed through the publications include the China Marine Food and China-Biotics. It also educates the community on investments and profitable business practices with the aim of encouraging more people to participate in entrepreneurship. Sahm also advises start-ups to ensure that they continue to thrive. Managers from established firms seek his guidance from time to time so as to stay on top of their game.

It was at the Yale University where it all started. At the University, Sahm studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and proceeded to work in financial industry. He continues to become an inspiration to many investors and entrepreneurs. It is expected that many will continue to look up to him for guidance in future. Those that are already benefitting from his business skills will live to be forever grateful.

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