An in-depth look at the Chaz Dean WEN Collection

If there is a problem with you hair why not try the new line of hair products by Chaz Dean known as the Wen line of hair products. There are a total of 4 products to choose from with a variety of different scents to suit any users likes. If hair lacks moisture then the Re-moist intensive hair treatment is recommended. This spa treatment will make for an amazing professional at home treatment for your hair. The sephora sold WEN product contains sweet almond oil that has proven moisturizing features as well as both smoothening and softening. The re moist intensive hair treatment can be used on a weekly basis with out the risk of overuse leaving the users hair feeling a lot more manageable and over all softer and silkier when touched. The ingredients contained within the product are all natural based and were designed for moisture, body and shine. The 2 most prominent ingredients are shea butter and sweet almond oil.

The creator of the line Chaz Dean has had many years of experience and knowledge when it comes to color and styling of hair. All this knowledge was imparted on the Wen line of products that he developed in his studio.

She was really impressed with the amount of shine her hair gained over the course of the trial and recommends on facebook using the product on a daily basis for really good results when it comes to over all manageability and a reduction in the natural oiliness of the hair. For a detailed look at the experience please use the link.


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