Matt Badiali: The Man To Listen To

America’s precious natural resources are a enormous part of what has made the country so successful, but the individuals who seek out the best and most efficient ways of utilizing these resources are what boom the economy. Matt Badiali, an enormously influential studier of natural resources, is one of these individuals. His work, which spans the agricultural, mining, and energy industry, is dedicated to determining the best way to use resources to their potential fullest.

Not only do Matt Badiali’s efforts span across many different industries, but he also has made an impact across the world: his ventures have taken him to Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq, and several other countries. His unmatched expertise in the realm of natural resources puts him in a unique position to offer insight and advice to those looking to invest in them. As anyone can see, Badiali is no stranger to the field.

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But what does this mean to the average person? Fortunately, Matt Badiali does not keep this knowledge to himself. Nowadays, he consistently publishes his research and offers one-of-a-kind input to all readers of Real Wealth Strategist. Anyone seeking to make investments in the world of natural resources has access to a treasure trove of valuable guidance. The quality and usefulness of Badiali’s work is evident in the article This U.S Oil Sector is Booming, which discusses the booming industry of oil-refinement in areas around Texas. This type of practical, useful investment advice is instantly applicable to anyone wanting to invest their money effectively according to

Potential investors need to look into the work of Badiali. When it comes to understanding natural resources and their capability to make a good return, no one is in a better position to make a statement on To look anywhere else would be a waste of time and disservice.

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Desire Perez Soaring ROC Nation to Greater Heights

Jay Z’s ten year deal with Live Nation is about to end. The $150 million deal ends in 2018 after it was signed in 2008. The contract saw Live Nation buying into artist’s rights and recorded music. According to speculations, Live Nation is no longer interested in buying recorded music, and this relationship with Roc Nation is likely to be terminated next year. Jay Z has asked investors in the  music industry to join forces and support Roc Nation. Together with Roc Nation’s Executive Desiree Perez, Jay Z held a meeting with Universal Music Group’s chairman Sir Lucian Grainge at his office in Santa Monica, California.

UMG’s move to buy a stake in Jay Z’s recording music business will give him more empowerment to grow new artists. At the moment, UMG already has a distribution deal with Jay Z, but it is a relatively small percentage of Roc Nation. Investing more in the business will give them larger stakes of Roc Nation’s artists. Roc Nation has signed renowned artists like Rihanna, Shakira, Jay, Fat Joe and Meek Mill.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. Ever since she took the position in 2009, she has been providing services such as labeling operations, publishing, and management. Desire Perez thrives well in accounting and negotiating. Her negotiation skills have proved to be beneficial to Roc Nation as she can close deals with organizations and sign contracts with both established and newbie artists. She was at the forefront of negotiating Rihanna’s deal with Samsung.

Desiree Perez is also part of Roc Nation’s inner circle known as Hova Circle of Influence. The group is composed of other members such as Ty Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown and Chaka Pilgrim. As the chief operating officer, Desiree Perez is indeed the backbone of Roc Nation’s success.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Your Center of Choice for Cancer Treatment.

Cancer is one of the leading killer diseases. Any man can develop Prostate cancer, however, African-American males have been found to have a higher chance. There are many types of cancer among them prostate cancer that affects men. Early detection of any cancer is the best weapon in fighting it. Cancer Treatment Center of America together with other organizations have been at the forefront in fighting cancer in the United States. In 2015, they signed up 2000 eligible men over the age of 40 for free screening that was done by LabCorp, one of the partner organizations. They are focused on increasing prostate cancer awareness among men as well as enabling them access screening.

September is a prostate cancer awareness month, and many campaigns and information about cancer are aired. The Prostate Pep Talk program will host many renowned NFL coaches like Bill Cowher in its bid to create more cancer awareness. With some of these legendaries having been affected on personal level, they are more than ready to launch the campaign. To mark the beginning of the campaign a conference will be held on the last day of August in New Jersey. It will be led by influential speakers and cancer advocates like Mike Quick who is one of the former NFL players. Medical professionals will also be attending the meeting like Gary M. Huff who is the CEO of Larpcorp Diagnostics as well as cancer survivors. The campaign will also be done in different cities like Atlanta and Phoenix in partnership with Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America based in Florida is geared to give treatment to cancer patients throughout the US. They are ready with the best technology on the planet to handle cancer. Their staff are highly knowledgeable and professional. They also have different hospitals in various parts of the US like Oklahoma and Chicago where people can easily access treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America use an integrative approach to treat cancer. Among its methods are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. They as well offer supportive therapies to deal with the disease as a whole and any related effects like malnutrition, fatigue and anxiety. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was started by Richard J Stephenson whose mother had succumbed to cancer.

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Bob Reina Does More Than Just Adopt Pets

Whenever Thanksgiving rolls around, the Tampa Humane Society is constantly giving thanks for the contributions they’ve received to keep their shelter open, and one of their biggest donors is Bob Reina. Bob Reina reported giving this organization $1 million in total giving recently, and with that gift the THS was able to get a new veterinarian services facility built for people who had trouble with those costs. Reina owns pets himself, several of which he adopted from the shelter, and while his house is currently full, it doesn’t mean he won’d do all he can to help others adopt pets and provide what he can for animals who are still out there.


Bob Reina is currently the CEO of Talk Fusion, a multilevel marketing video company he started about 10 years ago. He originally was in law enforcement, a steady-paying job but one that took away a lot of the time he wanted to have with his family. A lot of his friends were quite stunned when he announced he was retiring from his career and entering into direct selling ( Times got a little challenging for Reina in doing this, but he came up with the idea in 2004 to start his own company if he could find a way to send videos through email. It took a little time to make that idea happen, but by 2007 he and and Jonathan Chen developed such a program and built their company, Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina introduced his new video email program on the market and it started making sales, but he felt just as his life was changed by being able to sell this program, he wanted others to have that same opportunity. So that’s why Talk Fusion currently allows others to sell its product, make commissions and earn rewards as associates. But for customers, they’re given the opportunity to try all Talk Fusion products for free for 30 days without needing to give out their credit card numbers. Bob Reina has won several awards for Talk Fusion’s performance including “Product of the Year” from the Technology Marketing Corporation. He’s also a writer for several tech magazines.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Push to Find a Cure for Cancer

The number of U.S. cancer survivors is on the rise according to research conducted by the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program. This is due to the aging population and improved healthcare in cancer treatment. Cancer survivors who are diagnosed as having had prior cancer cases are often excluded from cancer clinical trials. The trials are only for incident cancer cases with no history of prior cancer. This means medics lack data on such patients and it has serious, far-reaching implications for both cancer treatment as well as research.

The Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) sequence numbers determine the prevalence of prior cancer, which indicates the order of all primary tumors diagnosed during one’s lifetime. Incident cancers were divided into three groups: first or only primary, second order or higher primary (same cancer site) and second order or higher primary (different cancer site).

From the conducted research, the prevalence of prior cancer ranged from 3.5% to 36.9%, depending on the incident cancer type and age, with most prior cancers diagnosed in a different cancer site. Many patients diagnosed with incident cancer were found to have survived prior cancer. When these patients are kept away from clinical trials, medics fail to learn what is required for their treatment and survival. Research on prior cancer is essential to improving clinical trial accrual, patient experience, and disease outcomes.

Eric Lefkofsky, born 1969, is co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a technology company that is using new cutting-edge technology in the fight against cancer. Lefkofsky is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. He and his workers at Tempus believe its possible. He graduated from the University of Michigan Law school. He is also the co-founder of Lightbank, a venture fund firm that invests in disruptive technology. In 2001, he co-founded InnerWorkings, a firm which offered print procurement services for mid-sized companies and which grew steadily over the years. Lefkofsky co-founded MediaBank in 2006, a media buying technology company.

In 2006, Lefkofsky and his wife, Elizabeth, founded the Lefkofsky Foundation which is a private charitable trust that aims to have a positive impact on the lives of people across the globe. He is an active member of his society serving on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Lefkofsky teaches at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor, and he’s the author of Accelerated Disruption.

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Securus video visitation reduces costs to families, prevents crime

One of the hottest technologies to hit the prison industrial space over the last few years has been Securus Technologies’ video visitation. The system has enabled inmates to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones on the outside, all for extremely low rates that almost any family member can afford. As a result, the institutions in which these systems have been installed have seen dramatic reductions in the rate of infractions committed by inmates within their confines. This has not only made the inmates’ quality of life better, it has dramatically improved the safety of the institutions.


While the Securus video visitation system has become enormously popular with both inmates and guards, one of the major beneficiaries of its low rates and high-quality, high definition face-to-face feed has been the family members of inmates who are serving long sentences of incarceration. It has been estimated up to 5 million children in the United States have currently incarcerated parents. This usually involves the father, who is oftentimes completely removed from the home and the lives of his children for years or decades on end. Because it is a well-known finding of sociology that children without a father in the homes tend to have dismal outcomes later in life, the ability of Securus video visitation technology to allow these children to have a father figure in their lives is actively preventing the creation of a new criminal class.


The rates to make calls are on the decline over the last decade. Throughout the state of Louisiana, the average video visitation call costs inmates just $0.15 per minute. This is an incredible reduction from what these calls once cost. In fact, just a decade ago, the average phone call within the state of Louisiana was closer to 30 cents per minute.


Leading CEO Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries

Many people who know Anthony Petrello probably do so because of his works as the CEO of Nabors Industries. This is a company that he has helped to become the best in the world. It is also one of the most profitable in the country. This is the reason he is highest paid CEO in the country. Anthony Petrello is a brilliant business manager who has exceptional ability to solve problems and strategize on the next cause of action in the business sector. He is the reason why this is the biggest company in the world. What was a small company before he joined is now a global pacesetter in the drilling and mining industry. Nabors Industries deals with the drilling of natural gas and oil.

Apart from life as businesses executive in the drilling industry, he is also an accomplished philanthropist. He has a different side of him apart from the millions of dollars that he earns every year. He is a successful business leader but he has built another brand that is associated with philanthropy in the country. He is passionate about supporting initiatives that are aimed at giving back to the community.

In the United States, some of the people who do philanthropy are the extremely wealthy in the society. However, not many of them will do this because it’s a passion they have. Some of them will do this because they want to use it as a tax evasion strategy. Others just do it as a means of disposing off excess money that they make. However, for Anthony Petrello it is different. He is one person who does philanthropy from the heart. He is one of the people who is very passionate about health research. This has pushed him to make donations to groups that engage in medical research especially one related to children health.

Together with his wife, Anthony Petrello has been a key contributor to the neurological research center that is located in Texas. He has personally contributed $7 million towards the establishment of this center. The research center is known as Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute. It is found in the Texas Children’s’ Hospital in Houston. This is a research center that is committed to coming up with treatment methods for neurological diseases suffered by children in the country. Most of the research is related to brain problems that usually lead to physical and mental disorders.

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IDLife Products Are Touted As a Health Panacea

IDLife was founded in 2014 by its Chief Executive Officer, Logan Stout. Mr. Stout created IDLife as a customized health and wellness products to help people look, feel, and to be their best selves. IDLife is headquartered in Frisco, Texas and its foundation consists of nutritional and weight management products.

Personalized products by IDLife is acquired by people signing up on IDLife website and filling out a confidential questionnaire on their health goals. The IDLife supplements and other products are then prepared to meet their specific health needs.

The IDLife personalized prescription grade supplements and weight loss products are organic and non-GMO. The products include vitamins, weight loss products, shakes, hydrated sports powder/vitamins, bars, energy bars, appetite chews, sleep strips, kid products, pre-and post-workout supplements, and skin care products.

IDLife products are backed by scientific and clinical studies. The consumption products are tested by FDA approved independent laboratories for nutritional absorption, effectiveness, refinement, and solubility. The products are also natural and organic in nature. Logan Stout helped formulate IDLife products because of his background as a professional baseball athlete.

Mr. Stout understands how important a healthy life is for people of all ages. He understands that a one size fits all vitamins and supplements doesn’t work for everyone who takes them. Instead, he began targeting nutritional products to his member’s specific health goals.

Logan Stout is a successful business owner, author, philanthropist, leadership trainer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, husband, father, and pet owner. He also partners with other inspirational experts like John Maxwell and professional athletes.

IDLife was named by its leadership – its name stands for “Individually Designed Life.” As a company that believes in nutrition and good health, opening its doors to a business plan helps people to meet their financial goals. IDLife offers a Compensation Plan where individuals may start-up their own IDLife business team with customers, associates, and members.

Other growth concepts for IDLife includes its partnership with Garmin International – a leader in wearable technology. IDLife customers can now wear a tracking device to monitor their activity levels through an integrated Garmin device and into the IDWellness mobile app.

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Tony Petrello’s resolve to fight periventricular leukomalacia

In recent times, Tony Petrello, the chief executive officer at Nabors industries ltd has been on high spirits philanthropically speaking. He recently gave a research entity $5 million with a pledge of topping it up with another $2 million in the near future. Tony further committed to being at the forefront in leading the fundraising efforts of the noble cause.

Tony’s motivation to help comes from someone close to his heart – his beloved daughter Carena. The story of Carena begins at birth which happened to be preterm given that she was born at just 24 weeks weighing 20 ounces. The doctors later established that she was suffering from periventricular leukomalacia, a disease caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain leading to cerebral palsy and delays in development. The disease is common in preterm babies. At eight years old now, Carena recently began eating solid food and she is yet to start walking and talking properly.

After having learned what their daughter was going through, Tony and his wife decided to find help at a pediatric research institution. It turns out that what they were looking for was Texas Children’s Hospital Neurological Research Institute. Their objective is to make certain that all kids suffering from periventricular leukomalacia will be in a position to live a normal life.

Who is Tony Petrello?

Tony Petrello went to Yale University where he graduated with BSc Degree in Mathematics. He then proceeded for a Master of Science in Mathematics from the same University. Tony later joined Harvard Law School consequently graduating with a Juris Doctor.

In 1979, Tony began his career at Baker & McKenzie law firm. Baker & Mackenzie primarily deals in matters taxation, international arbitration, and general corporate law. After working with the firm for 7 years, he made Managing Partner at the firm, a position he held and ran diligently for 5 years before resigning and moving to Nabors Industries.

In 1991, Tony Petrello was elected as a member of the Board of Directors and also as a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Nabors Industries Limited. In 2003, Tony became the Deputy Chairman. He served as the COO until October 2011 when he was appointed CEO. From the year 2012, Tony has been serving as the Chairman of the Board Nabors Industries Limited. He is also the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Nabors Industries Limited.

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Josh Smith is Looking to Nature to Solve Agricultural Challenges

Nature has a way of surviving by adapting and over-coming challenges and it does it without even thinking, it changes naturally. Humans can use nature’s survival techniques to solve our current resource scarcities and climate devastations by developing technologically-advanced, nature-based resolutions. People like Josh Smith from Reno, Nevada, and entrepreneurs from around the world have begun building the path to a sustainable future.
The article, “Trending: Spiders, Butterfly Wings Inspire New Solutions for Urban Ag, Renewables,” gives several examples of groups around the globe already creating environmental solutions.

Finalists of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation Ray of Hope Prize copied nature’s tricks including; Nexloop’s AquaWeb, motivated by spider web moisture collection, plants that horde water, and mushrooms that release moisture, developed a solution to urban water shortage; Windchill, mimicking thermal regulation found in animals, invented a power-free refrigerator; and Evolution’s Solutions, inspired by bacteria filtration, recycled food waste nutrients for organic farming.

In addition, activities like the Biomimicry Accelerator program, a year-long sustainability mentor project and, the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, both serve as gateways to financial and commercial support for companies trying to solve conservational issues.

One prototype about to hit the market in Reno, Nevada is Josh Smith’s HomeGrown smart greenhouses. These light-weight yet astounding durable aluminum greenhouses assemble in minutes with section-size pieces to expand and fit any living situation.

Powered by a smart app, Josh Smith’s greenhouse showcases the reliability and automation that nature uses to thrive. The highly-advanced technology maintains your garden after a few simple set-up instructions. Completely rely on the system to not only monitor soil moisture, and temperature for light and fan regulation, also get tips and warnings if you need to intervene; otherwise, this garden requires no maintenance. Control via Wi-Fi everything with the touch of a tablet.

With 5 years of research and development and 3 years of testing in Reno, Nevada, this state-of-the-art grow machine is ready to hit the market. You can sign up now to be the first to receive an exclusive 50% discount once the Kickstarter begins.