Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Your Center of Choice for Cancer Treatment.

Cancer is one of the leading killer diseases. Any man can develop Prostate cancer, however, African-American males have been found to have a higher chance. There are many types of cancer among them prostate cancer that affects men. Early detection of any cancer is the best weapon in fighting it. Cancer Treatment Center of America together with other organizations have been at the forefront in fighting cancer in the United States. In 2015, they signed up 2000 eligible men over the age of 40 for free screening that was done by LabCorp, one of the partner organizations. They are focused on increasing prostate cancer awareness among men as well as enabling them access screening.

September is a prostate cancer awareness month, and many campaigns and information about cancer are aired. The Prostate Pep Talk program will host many renowned NFL coaches like Bill Cowher in its bid to create more cancer awareness. With some of these legendaries having been affected on personal level, they are more than ready to launch the campaign. To mark the beginning of the campaign a conference will be held on the last day of August in New Jersey. It will be led by influential speakers and cancer advocates like Mike Quick who is one of the former NFL players. Medical professionals will also be attending the meeting like Gary M. Huff who is the CEO of Larpcorp Diagnostics as well as cancer survivors. The campaign will also be done in different cities like Atlanta and Phoenix in partnership with Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America based in Florida is geared to give treatment to cancer patients throughout the US. They are ready with the best technology on the planet to handle cancer. Their staff are highly knowledgeable and professional. They also have different hospitals in various parts of the US like Oklahoma and Chicago where people can easily access treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America use an integrative approach to treat cancer. Among its methods are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. They as well offer supportive therapies to deal with the disease as a whole and any related effects like malnutrition, fatigue and anxiety. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was started by Richard J Stephenson whose mother had succumbed to cancer.

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