Jeremy Goldstein legal work on business and compensation committee

Jeremy Goldstein is the co-founder and the CEO of a boutique firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Asso law firm. Through his law firm, he focuses on advising customers on the step to follow in conducting business. He has vast knowledge in business law. Jeremy Goldstein clients include chief executive officers, management team, and compensation committees. Jeremy is excellent in business advisory services and explaining how different compensation approaches works for the benefit of both the company and employees.


Jeremy Goldstein gives not only equips one with economic advice but also economic governance. He advises company heads regarding the transformative corporate approach and challenges behind the profitability of a firm. Jeremy Goldstein has exceptional expertise in corporate transactions. He has helped various businesses to pick from grass-root to unimaginable level and restored the falling ones. Before founding his company, he worked for Lipton and Wachtell as well as Rosen and Katz law firms.


Jeremy Goldstein has proven to be remarkable in corporate governance and dealing with executive compensation committees. He has been a chairperson of the compensation committee in the American Bar association. He is renowned as the top compensation attorney in Chambers USA Guide. At NYU Journal of Law and Business, Jeremy Goldstein is a board member of the professional advisory team. Goldstein also serves as an active board member of directors at Fountain House where they empower people with mental illness through charities.


He says that knockout option in business help employers, unlike stock option which was being given to employees in the recent past. Many firms stopped the stock option because they wanted to save more money and due to drop in the value of the stock. He also believes that the business might have boycotted the stock option due to accountability and the accounting burdens. Therefore, with the knockout clause, it is simple and easy to understand how it operates. The boost of employees earning result to an added advantage to the company if the option is adopted. Since workers work best through motivation, having an increment in their earnings, result to more performances and improvements across the organization.


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