The Dinosaur Sized Finance of DeVos

Conspicuous for his extreme philanthropy and a bank account to drool over, Dick Devos is the son of Richard DeVos and initially worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Amway which was co-founded by his father. Titled the 67th wealthiest man of the US by the 2012 edition of Forbes, Dick DeVos has also served as the President of the Orlando Magic team and franchise, before winding back at Amway, this time for the seat of the President before he left to conquer the business world in his own venture. Read his views and biography here.

However, what is more impressive than his worth of almost 5 billion US dollars is the gigantic charity works that he and his family are responsible for. Dick holds the Presidency of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation (Betsy is the wife of Dick DeVos), an organization that pipelines funds to a number of other organizations, including notable names like Kids Hope USA, Willow Creek Association and ArtPrize Grand Rapids. The same foundation also provides financial support to a number of educational institutions like Princeton University, Hope College, Davenport University and Grove City College. He is also the owner of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the school that was opened with the status of a charter academy, meaning that it defies any requirements for the tuition fee. Due to this, the Aviation Academy remains accessible to the widest possible audience. Another sizeable contribution that the DeVos family has made is with the introduction of the DeVos Scholarship, a scholarship applicable at the ThunderBird School of Global Management for the students of MBA, MA and MS. A full detail of his charity works can be found here. 

Financially ranked among the strongest Michigan families, the political DeVos family has known Rubio since 2006-08 when he was running for the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. John Kasich may be considered as a strong competitor of Rubio in the race against Trump but with a staggering $21,600 already spent on the campaign of Rubio since November of last year, the DeVos family seemed to know what it is doing. 

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