Inspirational Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Nothing spells success like doing something you love, and Doe Deere has parlayed her unique fashion sense and creative talents into an extraordinary career as a musician and CEO of her own cosmetics brand. According to an interview at Guest of Guest, the beauty maven credits her willingness to follow her dreams and entrepreneurial spirit for her rise to fame. Always a step ahead of the crowd, Doe Deere started her own business at age 13, selling temporary tattoos that were just coming into fashion.

Moving to New York City from Russia at age 17, Doe Deere hit the ground running by performing in a band as a singer/songwriter, collaborating with the man who is now her husband. and after years in the big apple, now lives in Los Angeles.

Ms. Deere always had a flair for makeup and modern world of “natural” makeup, she saw the need to provide beauty products for those who don’t wish to blend in the background. She created her indie makeup company, Lime Crime, which sells everything from glitter shadows to lip shades that complement today’s popular candy colored hair hues. Doe believes that what we wear, how we fix our hair, and what we put on our skin makes an individual statement.

Following your dreams takes imagination and determination. Why be one of the herd when you can stand out proudly if you wish? Doe Deere firmly believes that everyone possesses a special quality or talent that is uniquely theirs. As she is known as the “Unicorn Queen”, she knows all about the perks and the price of being different and marching to your own drummer. As this was her recipe for success, it is noteworthy advice for the youth of today, who may feel fenced in by a need to conform.

You can get the latest updates on Doe Deere on Instagram: @DoeDeere and her company Lime Crime @limecrimemakeup, to find out more about this beauty expert and her fabulous cosmetic products.