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Thor Halvorssen Leads The Fight Against Oppression

The Scars Of Authoritarianism
Authoritarianism has an effect on the personal lives of everyone affected by it and nobody understands that better than Thor Halvorssen. He has personally seen his father arrested and his mother shot thanks to the oppressive regimes of the Venezuelan government. Although he himself has managed to escape an untimely fate by moving to America, his family is trapped in his birth country and remains there fighting for justice in a society where everything is stacked against them.

Standing Up For All
His experience with oppression led Thor Halvorssen to create the Human Rights Foundation. His work there is dedicated to finding ways to promote open societies and allow oppressed people a platform that will help them fight for their rights abroad. There are various ways he manages to accomplish this ranging from documentaries to simply staging protests. Regardless of how he approaches the situation Halvorssen is endangered by the causes he stands for. Dictators do not take kindly to those who would speak out against them and they have often threatened his life over his protests. Despite this danger he continues to stand up to oppressive regimes.

A Long Line Of Freedom Fighters
Perhaps the reason Thor Halvorssen feels such a strong need to fight for the rights of others is in his DNA. His mother and father were both activists who fought against the dictatorships of Venezuela and his cousins are also involved in fighting against the oppression there. Looking deeper into his family history you find plenty of stories of freedom fighters such as Simon Bolivar and others who wanted to make a better society for everyone. His fight for justice is just the latest in a long line of freedom fighters who have sought to make the world a better place.

Labaton Sucharow Announce More SEC Whistleblower Success

Following the 2008 economic slowdown that was largely blamed on financial mishandling of the U.S. financial markets, Congress brought in new regulations to allow the Securities and Exchange Commission the opportunity to develop a new whistleblower program. The SEC whistleblower program now provides a range of rewards and protections that are designed to encourage the largest number of whistleblowers ever to bring evidence of financial irregularities to the attention of the SEC.

The problem facing many potential whistleblowers is how they will be able to make sure they are provided with the full range of protections linked to the program developed by the SEC; working with SEC whistleblower attorney Jordan A. Thomas at the Labaton Sucharow law firm ensures the highest levels of protections and rewards are always available to each individual who place their own reputation on the line in the hope of helping avoid further issues in the financial markets; Thomas and his hand picked team work with potential whistleblowers from the outset of their attempts to contact the SEC in a bid to make sure the specific breaking of regulations can be identified, and any potential retaliation by employers does not cause problems.

Creating the Dodd-Frank Act included a large amount of research into how best the SEC could attract new whistleblowers to provide information and evidence of financial wrongdoing. The use of potential evidence led as far as the potential for financial rewards to be included in the Dodd-Frank Act partly authored by Jordan A. Thomas, among others; SEC whistleblower lawyer Thomas believes the inclusion of a financial reward of between 10 and 30 percent will help avoid the problems of the past not being repeated in the future. In a bid to attract new whistleblowers to the SEC program Jordan A. Thomas and his team have recently revealed the fact that an individual whistleblower was awarded around $17 million in rewards for their information. This high level of reward was reported to be the second highest in the six year history of the SEC whistleblower program and marked what Jordan Thomas believes will be a change in how the SEC prosecutes individuals and companies accused of financial wrongdoing.

Loss of Money Helped by SEC Attorneys

The SEC has seen a lot of loss. The loss does not come from the economy or from trading but it comes from internal theft. While there are many other reasons for loss within the commission the internal theft is one of the biggest problems that they see on a regular basis. They want to make sure that the people who are reporting all of these things are treated properly and this is something that they created the SEC whistle blower program for. They want to protect the people who make the reports about the problems in the SEC.

Because of this, many people have made the decision to make reports about problems within the SEC. This means that they have reported things to authorities about problems that are unintentional as well as intentional. If they report a problem that is intentional, they will be rewarded for different things and they will be protected from the issues that they may face as a result. There are many ways that the employees could be retaliated against but the SEC whistle blower program makes sure that the people will not get any of these things just because they chose to make a report about the people doing the bad things.

There are many times when people simply do not trust the SEC and they choose to use an attorney to help them make a report. The attorney is able to help them from the beginning to the end of the process. The attorney can also simply help people who simply do not know how to make the report. The experts at Labaton Sucharow are able to provide whistle blowers with all of the resources that they need to make a report and to bring attention to bad practices that are going on within the SEC.

The law firm of Labaton Sucharow is so committed to their clients that they have actually made an improvement to their process. They managed to help a client snag the second highest reward for a report that was made to the SEC about terrible things that were going on. They wanted to make sure that the client was treated right, as they do with all of their employees, and they do so through their traditional law firm process. It was something that was one of the biggest accomplishments by the Labaton Sucharow SEC whistle blower attorney firm.