Freedom Pop – An Option For Frugal Mobile Users

In PT Money’s FreedomPop review, the free service was praised for the utility it provides its casual mobile data users. Free users gain access to 500 MB of data each month with options to increase monthly data as needed. No contract is required – any changes can be made without a short or long-term financial penalty. At the staggeringly low price of free, Freedom Pop is clearly affordable to light data users. Higher quantities of data are available for a small fee, still very affordable. But even the existence of a free plan is novel and because of this PT Money rated Freedom Pop’s service nine out of ten.

Because Freedom Pop purchases data and voice wholesale, they’re able to provide this service completely free. This plan is best for light use – some users might find that they need more than 500 MB per month. In addition to the free plan, users have the option to purchase more data, as well as any add-ons they might find useful such as a data-rollover plan or extended privacy and security features. Higher data plans are available as low as 10.99 a month, and For travelers, an international SIM card can be purchased at a low fee to gain 200 MB coverage in the United States and most of Europe.

Users can earn additional data by trying out applications, completing surveys, or subscribing to email newsletters. Many of these options are free, though there are also subscription-based services like Netflix hosted on the site. Friends can invite each other to join Freedom Pop for free and create a network, boosting every member’s data cap. But for members who routinely expect to use more data, plans are affordably priced. Even people who don’t find Freedom Pop’s plans appealing could make use of the service’s affordably-priced technology in their shop, which has a variety of smartphones, tablets, and other accessories available at low or discounted rates.