Mike Heiligenstein: Executive Director at CTRMA

Mike first joined Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority when the company was still a startup company and had the opportunity to see the company grow through the years. He joined the independent governmental agency in 2003 as its Executive Director a year just after the company had been founded. He went on to oversee the company’s first project in Williamson County which was to get rid of cash tolls and transition them to an all-electronic cashless toll collection. Mike Heiligenstein has had the opportunity to serve in the public sector as an official for more than thirty years, and before joining CTRMA, he was the member of Round Rock City Council member and Commissioner at Williamson County.


Mr. Mike Heiligenstein believes that toll roads are one of the answers to decongesting the roads and over the years tolled roads have been on the increase and have resulted in constructing roads worth over $ 1 billion. And through the efficacy of these routes, many motorists have subscribed to their usage. This has led to a significant reduction of traffic on the non-tolled roads easing traffic flow. To add to this Heiligenstein, also believes that the use of tolled roads by trucks has reduced road deterioration on county roads as the tolled roads are built structurally to withstand the heavy loads carried by these vehicles.


As an independent governmental agency CTRMA was founded in 2002 with the aim of tackling traffic congestion through innovative ways. One way of effectively doing this was the introduction of tolled roads by the agency. Having the roads tolled leads to few people being able to use their personal cars to move around unnecessarily frequently. Through enforcing this, there was a significant reduction of traffic on the roads. Also, CTRMA works with Motropia, and together they have been able to integrate a traffic application that is used by a motorist as a platform of being updated with instant news of what’s happening on their roads.


Also, CTRMA works with another company called Carma which has a carpool application. This is with the aim of having many motorist carpools leading to fewer cars on the road enabling smoother travels. The agency also offers support to the Highway Emergency Response Operator by providing free roadside assistance so as to help motorist using the tolled roads with minor problems such as car breakdowns thus avoiding congestion.


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