Securus Technologies Providing Advanced Inmate Communication and Criminal Justice Technology at Economical Prices

The inmate communication sector is highly competitive, and many companies are trying to fight it out to make its way to the top of the correctional industry. One of the enterprises that have made its name in the sector over the last couple of decades is Securus Technologies, which is known for its innovation and offering the advanced correctional technology. Securus Technologies has helped in ways more than one in the last few years to help the correctional industry transform itself. It has been able to do so by offering advanced and innovative technology, which is what the inmates and the law enforcement agencies are looking for.

Securus Technologies is one of the most preferred partners of the correctional facilities in Canada, United States, and the District of Columbia. The company offers its inmate communication services and criminal justice technology to over 2,400 correctional facilities currently. The company’s CEO Rick Smith has massive expansion plans under development and hopes to expand the company’s operational territory to many other regions of the country in the time to come.

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, where it also has its Technology Center. The company recently released a press release where it showcased the positive comments of many of the law enforcement officers appreciating the services of Securus Technologies. In the same press release, Rick Smith, also invited the potential and existing customers and investors to visit the Technology Center of the company to check the progress the company has made in developing high-end correctional technology.

I am a high ranking law enforcement officer in Philadelphia and have been using Securus Technologies’ investigative solutions and services for quite some time now. I can say without a doubt that it is one of the most advanced services available today and it plays a vital role in reducing the crime rate in the society.

Securus Technologies Key in Helping Solve Cold Cases

When my team of fugitive hunters is on the case, we have to be able to make use of every resource available to us. Informants play a huge role in identifying and arresting suspects, but they are only effective in certain instances. We were in the middle of a cold case that involved a violent gang member, and no one was willing to talk for fear they or their families would be in harm’s way.


When you are hunting a fugitive that appears to have fallen off the map, you have to be willing to collect evidence in any way possible. One thing that I know for sure in all my years in law enforcement is that criminals simply will talk if given enough time. Many love to talk about their crimes because they want others to know about how successful they were in getting away with something, otherwise there is no thrill keeping it all to yourself.


One a trip to the local prison, we decided to see if any of the gang members were willing to offer up information about our suspect. I knew that Securus Technologies had installed a call monitoring system in that facility, so even if the inmates didn’t talk to me, we knew they would eventually talk to someone. My presence acted like the catalyst, and it didn’t take long for a few of the low-ranking gang members who are not that disciplined, to start talking on the phones.


One new member to the gang was complaining on the phone that this fugitive was getting all the attention for a crime that he felt was weak. he went into details that he actually helped our fugitive in a number of crimes, and he got busted while the fugitive got away free and got all the notoriety. That call helped us connect the dots and arrest our suspect.


Partnering with Securus Technologies to help Prevent Crimes

I am employed as a corrections office in our jail, and I see first-hand how crime can get out of hand if you are not taking proactive measures to stop it in its tracks. One thing that I have learned in my three decades in law enforcement is that you had better be coming up with things to prevent crimes because if you simply are in reaction mode all the time, it will get away from you real quick.


You might think that in a jail that the crime actually is minimal because these inmates are behind bars all the time. Ask any inmate and they will gladly tell you stories how they have an easier time getting drugs and weapons in the jail than they did on the streets. That is a huge problem because it puts me, my officers, the visitors, and all the other inmates at risk.


We try to combat crime in the jail by making sure every visitor is checked and scanned for illegal contraband. The we do surprise cell inspections to recover anything that may have slipped by, but even then, the inmates have some creative ways to keep these items from being found. Securus Technologies installed a newer inmate call system that we began monitoring to see if we could pick up conversations where the inmates were discussing crimes. This has become our top resource today.


The Securus Technologies team trained our team on the LBS software, and now we can be alerted when chatter is on the lines from inmates concerning drugs, weapons, or the arrival of other contraband. Now we get tips from those calls about who is smuggling the drugs in the visitor center, where the inmates are hiding the drugs, and who is ordering those visitors to come to the jail with drugs, cellphones, or weapons.


BBB Accreditation Setting Securus Technologies Apart

Getting a business to be BBB accredited requires that a certain fee is paid in order for reviews and monitoring to be done. A business that gets to be accredited must have passed all the standards set by BBB. BBB accreditations sets businesses apart from their competitors. Securus got itself awarded an A+ rating by the BBB Accreditation. So what does this say about this technology provider?



By Getting an A+ grade from the BBB Accreditation body, Securus shows that they are very responsive towards their customers’ complaints. Sure, like any other business, Securus is never without its share of complaints. However, what sets them apart from the others in the industry is the fact that they make the effort to address their customer’s concerns and do so in a timely manner. Besides, the company in the past four years has invested millions of dollars to go towards the establishment of a state-of-the-art call center and do employ a team of customer service agents instead of outsourcing.



Securus was founded in the year 1989 and has grown to serve most of the correctional facilities in North America. Additionally, the company is licensed. They have also managed to maintain a grade that is above B. That means that their service quality has a consistency.


Transparency and Integrity

Securus upholds the highest level of integrity. The company is always making press releases to inform the public about various policies and processed that have been updated. By so doing, their clients are able to make informed decisions.


About Securus

Securus Technologies is a leading technology provider for the correctional facilities in North America. This Dallas based company enjoys serving a clientele base of over 3400 facilities and over 1 million inmates. Today they have managed to set themselves apart by getting and maintain a BB Accreditation A+ grade.



Discover The Benefits Of Advanced Inmate Calling Solutions

Build a secure network to talk to your loved ones through the Securus Technologies network. Their services are unmatched by other network providers in the industry because they have had experience in the highest standard of customer service excellence as a regulation provider. They discovered a few irregularities associated with Global Tel-Link and those inaccuracies were quickly corrected, giving customers free inmate calling features in Louisiana for a limited time. They have proudly processed over 54.3 billion calls, over the past quarter. Each call is given the proper regulation, surveillance, and monitoring that is required by state mandated regulations.


Securus Technologies Expands Their Services


Surprisingly, as they expanded their services they merged with video giant Vimeo to bring their customers a video chat feature that eliminates the commute to a correctional institution to see your loved ones. You get complete control over the screen with a popular zoom in and out feature with one button audio controls. They also have incorporated some of the services from JPay to bring their customers additional savings. Securus values each of their customers and works hard to keep you connected over their network. A Certification 1 certificate is given them permission to expand internationally.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Do you have a message for your loved ones in a correctional facility? Do you want to give them all the details of a birthday party or event? They can now retrieve messages from their personalized account that will never allow them to miss a call again.


Prepaid Services


You can get advanced prepaid features that will allow you to have the minutes you need to talk to your loved ones in advance. You can order these services over their 800 number or secure website. A valid checking or credit card is accepted from customers over the age of 18.


Securus Video Visitation Heats Up

The demand for Securus Video Visitation software is heating up, and I think that this is a good thing. This will become something that will become the norm for many people that cannot tolerate the thought of going to a prison to visit. 

I have checked out the website, and was impressed with the description of the software that everyone is downloading. There are have more than 65,000 downloads of the app by both iPhone and Android smart device users. I think that this is a great start for a company that has captured a niche market. 

The Securus inmate communication software already serves more than 800,000 prisoners. It has become the type of software that is designed to support an array of users on the inside and the outside. Mobile visitations are the way of the future. This is going to be the way that everyone does this type of visitation as time progresses.

The app was a very smart idea for Securus Technologies families that may choose to share accounts. This are others that may be in states outside of where their friends are located. Downloading the app just makes everything simpler. I am usually on the job so this app came in handy for me. 

What makes this app so special is the fact that it opens up everyone to holidays. People can visit with their friends and loved ones during Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthdays. It gives users a feeling of hope. The app download is free. All that people have to do is fund their Securus accounts. 

It is an easy app to utilize. People don’t have to be tech savvy to utilize this. That is another great aspect of having an application like this on your phone. I have the app, and I can start it up quickly and get a visit started in no time. 

The app is always working well, but I think it will improve and get even better as time goes on. I would encourage anyone that has loved ones that are incarcerated to consider the benefits of the app.

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