Discover The Benefits Of Advanced Inmate Calling Solutions

Build a secure network to talk to your loved ones through the Securus Technologies network. Their services are unmatched by other network providers in the industry because they have had experience in the highest standard of customer service excellence as a regulation provider. They discovered a few irregularities associated with Global Tel-Link and those inaccuracies were quickly corrected, giving customers free inmate calling features in Louisiana for a limited time. They have proudly processed over 54.3 billion calls, over the past quarter. Each call is given the proper regulation, surveillance, and monitoring that is required by state mandated regulations.


Securus Technologies Expands Their Services


Surprisingly, as they expanded their services they merged with video giant Vimeo to bring their customers a video chat feature that eliminates the commute to a correctional institution to see your loved ones. You get complete control over the screen with a popular zoom in and out feature with one button audio controls. They also have incorporated some of the services from JPay to bring their customers additional savings. Securus values each of their customers and works hard to keep you connected over their network. A Certification 1 certificate is given them permission to expand internationally.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Do you have a message for your loved ones in a correctional facility? Do you want to give them all the details of a birthday party or event? They can now retrieve messages from their personalized account that will never allow them to miss a call again.


Prepaid Services


You can get advanced prepaid features that will allow you to have the minutes you need to talk to your loved ones in advance. You can order these services over their 800 number or secure website. A valid checking or credit card is accepted from customers over the age of 18.