George Soros contributions to the US elections and his reaction after Trump’s shock win

According to the news by Politico, George Soros donated $6 million in December towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The money was handed over to the super PAC that was backing Hillary’s bid to the Whitehouse. The funding by George Soros was marked as the biggest ever in the American politics.

The $6 million donations totaled George Soros contributions to $8 million since he began supporting Hillary’s campaign back in 2015. According to a report that was filed by Super PAC, the campaign team had managed to raise $25 million during the second half of 2015. The 25 million US dollars brings PAC’s tally to 41 million US dollars for the whole of 2015.

Besides George Soros, other financiers of Clinton’s campaign during the second half of the year included Haim Saban who is a Hollywood mogul. He merged with his wife Cheryl Saban to raise three million US dollars towards Hillary’s campaigns on Others included Donald Sussman who gave $1.5 million and Herb Sandler who gave $1.5 million as well.

During the first half of the year, George Soros donated $1 million towards Priorities USA and another $1 million to American Bridge 21st century which was affiliated to super PAC. His total contribution makes Soros’ donations to stand out.

Soros has also taken part in the previous elections regarding funding political activities. In the year 2004, Soros donated over $20 million to a group that wanted to oust George Bush out of power. However, the plan was not successful, and Soros opted to check his massive expenditure in politics.

In the year 2012, George Soros donated $1 million to Priorities USA despite the intense courtship that was there. Priorities USA at that time was backing Obama’s re-election bid. It is also reported that in the same year George Soros told a close ally of Clinton that he regretted supporting Obama over Clinton during the 2008 primaries. Soros went ahead to applaud Clinton for allowing him to take part in discussing policies.

After Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, it was reported that George Soros held a closed-door meeting in Washington DC together with other liberals to plan on how to use the remaining campaign funds to fight back Trump’s presidency. The meeting is reportedly sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donors club. According to the agenda and documents obtained by POLITICO, participants of the conference include union leaders and liberal groups’ representatives on Others include Nancy Pelosi who is the head of the House Democratic, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison who is the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Some sessions of the meeting will be focused on gearing up for elections in 2017 and 2018 while others plan on preventing Trump’s plans during his first 100 days in the Office. According to the agenda that was obtained by POLITICO, Trump’s plans are an assault to former President Obama’s achievements. The meeting will also be planning on how to protect Obamacare together with other pillars of former President Obama’s legacy. They will also strategize on how to win the working-class vote and also discussions on the importance of channeling funds to legislative battles in states where Republicans won big victories.