How OSI Industries Maintains A High Ranking In World Meat Processing Companies

OSI Industries is one of the US’s key meat processing companies and they put a lot of work in to make sure their products are very tasty. Chances are you’ve consumed their burgers if you eat regularly at McDonald’s or Wendy’s. OSI creates these burgers and customizes many other meat specialties from pizzas to breakfast sandwiches and other made-to-order foods. At every location they distribute their products to, they do so through locals who know what customer expectations are in the area. OSI Industries has several executives including CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, but as they would tell you, they don’t run it from the top down.

OSI Industries was originally a butcher shop started in an outer neighborhood of Chicago. The man who owned the shop was Otto Kolschowsky, and he and his sons worked hard to make sales and supply fine quality meat. Eventually they were able to build a big processing plant under the name Otto & Sons, and in 1957 they officially became partners with McDonald’s. This brought on a whole new set of challenges though because they needed new capital to be able to grow the company very big. And then Sheldon Lavin came on, and through his leadership Otto & Sons had financed construction of several new plants. Lavin took over as Chief Executive Officer a few years later and by 1975 had renamed the company OSI Industries.

OSI Industries has been reputable because they’ve taken all the measures necessary to keep employees safe in their plants. It’s been no easy challenge considering the speed at which the processing has to be done at, but OSI Industries has made sure every safety feature has been covered. They were awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council just this last year in recognition of maintaining a safe and clean work environment.

OSI Industries also makes sure that whenever they add companies to their list of subsidiaries that they add jobs and don’t take them away. They retained all workers and then added some when they bought Flagship Europe, Baho Food and a former Tyson plant in south Chicago. OSI Industries is also the chief parent company to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a foundation that helps families with healthcare and education needs.

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