IDLife Products Are Touted As a Health Panacea

IDLife was founded in 2014 by its Chief Executive Officer, Logan Stout. Mr. Stout created IDLife as a customized health and wellness products to help people look, feel, and to be their best selves. IDLife is headquartered in Frisco, Texas and its foundation consists of nutritional and weight management products.

Personalized products by IDLife is acquired by people signing up on IDLife website and filling out a confidential questionnaire on their health goals. The IDLife supplements and other products are then prepared to meet their specific health needs.

The IDLife personalized prescription grade supplements and weight loss products are organic and non-GMO. The products include vitamins, weight loss products, shakes, hydrated sports powder/vitamins, bars, energy bars, appetite chews, sleep strips, kid products, pre-and post-workout supplements, and skin care products.

IDLife products are backed by scientific and clinical studies. The consumption products are tested by FDA approved independent laboratories for nutritional absorption, effectiveness, refinement, and solubility. The products are also natural and organic in nature. Logan Stout helped formulate IDLife products because of his background as a professional baseball athlete.

Mr. Stout understands how important a healthy life is for people of all ages. He understands that a one size fits all vitamins and supplements doesn’t work for everyone who takes them. Instead, he began targeting nutritional products to his member’s specific health goals.

Logan Stout is a successful business owner, author, philanthropist, leadership trainer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, husband, father, and pet owner. He also partners with other inspirational experts like John Maxwell and professional athletes.

IDLife was named by its leadership – its name stands for “Individually Designed Life.” As a company that believes in nutrition and good health, opening its doors to a business plan helps people to meet their financial goals. IDLife offers a Compensation Plan where individuals may start-up their own IDLife business team with customers, associates, and members.

Other growth concepts for IDLife includes its partnership with Garmin International – a leader in wearable technology. IDLife customers can now wear a tracking device to monitor their activity levels through an integrated Garmin device and into the IDWellness mobile app.

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