Knowing NorkaLuque, a Rising Pop Artist from Venezuela

NorkaLuque is a talented Venezuelan-born pop singer whose first album which debuted in 2011 gave her the nomination for the Best Female Pop Artist category in the prestigious Premios Lo Nuestro Awards.

Early Years

Norka’s passion for music started to flourish when she was still quite young. Her parents knew about this, and they supported her dreams by allowing her to train with professional voice coaches, as well as with flamenco, ballet, and piano teachers during her childhood years. Despite all the provision that she had received from her loved ones, however, Norka decided to momentarily veer away from her dream of pursing music on a full scale in order to deepen her knowledge base and acquire more academic credentials.

This decision of hers brought her to France where she chose Business Administration as a major field of study. In addition to that, she obtained consequent degrees in Marketing, Fashion, and Culinary Arts in the same country. Norka’s prolonged stay within the French nation in fact gave her the opportunity to reconnect with her earlier hopes of getting a musical recording deal in the future, for the reason that she had been included in a band there.

Professional Singing Career

The progression of her career as a performer was not as fast as anyone would imagine. However, the woman’s four years’ worth of efforts were paid off by the fact that a best producer named Emilio Estefan, Jr. – an artist who had taken home a total of 19 Grammys himself and is the husband of the legendary songstress Gloria Estefan – had taken notice of her singing abilities and helped her enter the entertainment world.

According to NorkaLuque, to be able to work with a musical wonder like Emilio was a blessing, and she learned a lot from him. After the positive feedback that the first album garnered even in countries outside of the Latin America, the singer went on to create her second album, Milagro, whose songs had the lyrics written by prominent song writers such as Luigi Giraldo, HermanosGaitán, and Archie Pena, to name a few. One of the tracks which had the same title as the album put Norka’s name in the Latin Music Billboards at the time and permitted her music to be introduced in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and United States.

Norka Luque had unfortunately been out of the limelight for several years due to personal reasons, but she would be making a comeback later this year.

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