Labaton Sucharow Announce More SEC Whistleblower Success

Following the 2008 economic slowdown that was largely blamed on financial mishandling of the U.S. financial markets, Congress brought in new regulations to allow the Securities and Exchange Commission the opportunity to develop a new whistleblower program. The SEC whistleblower program now provides a range of rewards and protections that are designed to encourage the largest number of whistleblowers ever to bring evidence of financial irregularities to the attention of the SEC.

The problem facing many potential whistleblowers is how they will be able to make sure they are provided with the full range of protections linked to the program developed by the SEC; working with SEC whistleblower attorney Jordan A. Thomas at the Labaton Sucharow law firm ensures the highest levels of protections and rewards are always available to each individual who place their own reputation on the line in the hope of helping avoid further issues in the financial markets; Thomas and his hand picked team work with potential whistleblowers from the outset of their attempts to contact the SEC in a bid to make sure the specific breaking of regulations can be identified, and any potential retaliation by employers does not cause problems.

Creating the Dodd-Frank Act included a large amount of research into how best the SEC could attract new whistleblowers to provide information and evidence of financial wrongdoing. The use of potential evidence led as far as the potential for financial rewards to be included in the Dodd-Frank Act partly authored by Jordan A. Thomas, among others; SEC whistleblower lawyer Thomas believes the inclusion of a financial reward of between 10 and 30 percent will help avoid the problems of the past not being repeated in the future. In a bid to attract new whistleblowers to the SEC program Jordan A. Thomas and his team have recently revealed the fact that an individual whistleblower was awarded around $17 million in rewards for their information. This high level of reward was reported to be the second highest in the six year history of the SEC whistleblower program and marked what Jordan Thomas believes will be a change in how the SEC prosecutes individuals and companies accused of financial wrongdoing.