Leading CEO Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries

Many people who know Anthony Petrello probably do so because of his works as the CEO of Nabors Industries. This is a company that he has helped to become the best in the world. It is also one of the most profitable in the country. This is the reason he is highest paid CEO in the country. Anthony Petrello is a brilliant business manager who has exceptional ability to solve problems and strategize on the next cause of action in the business sector. He is the reason why this is the biggest company in the world. What was a small company before he joined is now a global pacesetter in the drilling and mining industry. Nabors Industries deals with the drilling of natural gas and oil.

Apart from life as businesses executive in the drilling industry, he is also an accomplished philanthropist. He has a different side of him apart from the millions of dollars that he earns every year. He is a successful business leader but he has built another brand that is associated with philanthropy in the country. He is passionate about supporting initiatives that are aimed at giving back to the community.

In the United States, some of the people who do philanthropy are the extremely wealthy in the society. However, not many of them will do this because it’s a passion they have. Some of them will do this because they want to use it as a tax evasion strategy. Others just do it as a means of disposing off excess money that they make. However, for Anthony Petrello it is different. He is one person who does philanthropy from the heart. He is one of the people who is very passionate about health research. This has pushed him to make donations to groups that engage in medical research especially one related to children health.

Together with his wife, Anthony Petrello has been a key contributor to the neurological research center that is located in Texas. He has personally contributed $7 million towards the establishment of this center. The research center is known as Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute. It is found in the Texas Children’s’ Hospital in Houston. This is a research center that is committed to coming up with treatment methods for neurological diseases suffered by children in the country. Most of the research is related to brain problems that usually lead to physical and mental disorders.

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