Makari Gears its Skin Products to Those With Dark Complexions

Women and men of color had long been neglected by a beauty industry that seemed obsessed with appealing to those with light skin. Makari de Suisse, better known simply as Makari, is a company thats main product is skin whitening cream, they helped to fill that gap by producing a line of beauty products specifically designed for those with dark complexions.
Through its products, Makari has for the past decade helped enhance the beauty of people with dark skin, in the process transforming countless lives throughout the world. The company today has more than 60 items that include hair products, cosmetics and fragrant lotions. It also offers jewelry items and tote bags. However, its main emphasis is in the area of skin care products.
The products of Makari that are specifically designed to improve and lighten a person’s complexion include its Extreme Carrot Brightening Kit, which fights pigmentation and over time will leave the skin so bright that it almost appears to glow. Makari Body Milk was originally created for medical purposes but also promises soft and glowing skin. Makari Extreme Cream Carrot and Argan Oil will both lighten the skin and help eliminate dark spots. In addition to reducing the effects of excessive skin pigmentation, Makari products are capable of combating acne and even stretch marks, and in some cases have been known to completely eradicate skin problems that had continued for years before their treatment. The ingredients in the Makari line of items provide both hydration and nourishment. Made in Switzerland, these products have undergone careful scrutiny to insure their safety and quality.
Of particular significance is the fact that none of the items marketed by Makari contain hydroquinone, which has in the past been linked to products designed for dark skin and which is also known to have harmful side effects. Instead, Makari emphasizes the benefits of nature when caring for the skin.
In the African language of Swahili, the word Makari means beautiful. It is therefore the fitting motto of a company that is dedicated to both natural beauty and ethnic diversity.

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