Overcoming The Obstacles

Running the day-to-day operations of a company are stressful and challenging. There are many variables at play. They all must work in unison to realize the ultimate mission of every organization. Daily challenges can seem insurmountable when being faced for the first time. Startup companies normally suffer the most in the early stages of their development. It takes careful planning and determination to lead a new enterprise into calm waters. Handy Home Cleaning was at such a crossroads when its co-founders decided to get very creative with their management techniques.

The original business model for Handy.com Home Cleaning was extremely successful. The marketing campaign led by it’s young owners drew a tremendous amount of interest and clientele in the beginning days of operation. However, the demand for service quickly out grew the ability to provide. Handy Home Cleaning was suddenly in need of technicians to meat the extraordinary number of orders that were being made.

Co-founder Oisin Hanrahan decided to implement an online application process for potential employees. The idea was to provide the ability for qualified technicians to complete an application form online in their own time. His partner Umang Dua was skeptical. Dua did not believe that applicants would be able to complete the process without personal assistance from a human being. He was proven right over time and the partners were forced to look for other solutions.

Orders from customers soon turned into complaints. Over booking the current staff led to insufficient service. People were also unsatisfied with the lack of availability of apartment cleaning NYC experts and company technicians. However, the overall marketing strategy and large clientele attracted investors to Handy Home Cleaning. Hanrahan and Dua were now faced with the challenge of satisfying their backers as well as their customers. Careful management allowed them to figure out a way to continue to secure funding without disrupting and insatiable client base.