Securus Video Visitation Heats Up

The demand for Securus Video Visitation software is heating up, and I think that this is a good thing. This will become something that will become the norm for many people that cannot tolerate the thought of going to a prison to visit. 

I have checked out the website, and was impressed with the description of the software that everyone is downloading. There are have more than 65,000 downloads of the app by both iPhone and Android smart device users. I think that this is a great start for a company that has captured a niche market. 

The Securus inmate communication software already serves more than 800,000 prisoners. It has become the type of software that is designed to support an array of users on the inside and the outside. Mobile visitations are the way of the future. This is going to be the way that everyone does this type of visitation as time progresses.

The app was a very smart idea for Securus Technologies families that may choose to share accounts. This are others that may be in states outside of where their friends are located. Downloading the app just makes everything simpler. I am usually on the job so this app came in handy for me. 

What makes this app so special is the fact that it opens up everyone to holidays. People can visit with their friends and loved ones during Thanksgiving, Christmas or birthdays. It gives users a feeling of hope. The app download is free. All that people have to do is fund their Securus accounts. 

It is an easy app to utilize. People don’t have to be tech savvy to utilize this. That is another great aspect of having an application like this on your phone. I have the app, and I can start it up quickly and get a visit started in no time. 

The app is always working well, but I think it will improve and get even better as time goes on. I would encourage anyone that has loved ones that are incarcerated to consider the benefits of the app.

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  1. I have found it quite useful, and many of my friends are finding it useful as well. I like being able to visit at home or during a lunch breaking without actually going to the prison. It is actually good for to keep this in check.

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