Skout – The newest Way To Meet New People

Skout, an iPOd app, has been around for some time, but has recently received more attention and popularity due to the advertising campaign running on the iOS Facebook page. The app is available on the App Store as a free download.

Skout is a social media based app that allows users to meet new people, share pictures and make friends. Users have the option to sign up with Facebook or with their email address. The app then allows users to build a custom profile stating who they are interested in meeting, which lets the app customize your matches and show only the type of person you want to see.

The Skout home screen is just a grid view of people who are online at that moment. Clicking on a picture pulls up the other users profile, showing their basic information, most recent posts and number of points they have available.

In the left corner of the app is a drawer. Opening the drawer opens up other ways to use the app. From this screen a user can select “Buzz” which will show local places and people, “Look At Me” which is a game in which users can bid using their points for a featured spot and more visibility, or “Shake To Chat” which will start a chat with a random and anonymous person.

Many of the available actions on Skout cost points, the ways to earn points are by buying them as an in-app purchase, or by engaging with advertisers. Points can also be earned by convincing other users to use their points to pay for “backstage photos“.

Complaints about the app include the points system and how many things require points to use, the fact that there isn’t really anything new about it and the number of fake profiles.

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  1. From there the user is able to wink, start a chat, or add them to a favorites list. Users may also comment or like the recent posts on another person’s profile. In that case the owner of the photos will receive a portion of the points spent to view the picture. I also would like to say that can have much of what is needed and make it cool and good too.

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