Paul Mampilly Sees A Big Investment Opportunity For 3D Printing

Paul Mampilly is an investor who used to be a portfolio manager for several big banks and a hedge fund, but now he gives advice through independent affordable newsletters that are easy for anyone to read. One investment opportunity he’s recently written about is 3D printers, and not just any 3D printers, but ones that could change building construction forever. According to Mampilly, these 3D printing and construction machines could make housing prices up to 40℅ cheaper. The main 3D printing company he’s watching is Cazza, a company that is patenting a printer known as X1. The events Paul Mampilly says are pushing the development of the building technology are the hurricanes such as Harvey, Irma and Maria that this technology would help affected areas recover from in a much shorter time.

Paul Mampilly’s family is from India, though his father had moved to Dubai in the UAE to get a new job that enabled him to get young Paul to university. Mampilly still had to work hard to get through studies at Montclair State University working at a gas station and cafeteria. But after completing his bachelor’s degree in 1991, he managed to get a position as portfolio assistant at Deutsche Bank and from there started to figure out investment strategies that few others could. He worked for several other big banks before landing the big management job at Kinetics International Fund.

At Kinetics International Fund, Paul Mampilly helped the firm raise their assets under management to $25 billion, and Barron’s cited Kinetics International as the “World’s Best” hedge fund that offers returns around 43℅. Mampilly stayed on with the firm for several years including in 2008 when he entered the Templeton Foundation investment competition. He took $50 million and during the housing market crisis of 2008 managed to find new stocks that made an 88℅ return and won the competition. Several years later, Paul Mampilly decided to retire from Wall Street because he had a better idea to help non-wealthy investors make money.

He started writing monthly newsletters for Banyan Hill that garnered over 60,000 subscribers. Mampilly helps investors understand what to invest in but doesn’t work the same way your typical wealth manager does. He wants his followers to make their own decisions by being able to understand financial information. Mampilly has built and shared his own portfolio and was one of the early investors in Facebook and Netflix.

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